The 21st Century Hardcore Gamer

Doug from DamnLag writes: "[In the '90s] you’d rarely see a game system set up at a house party (at least not the good ones), nor would you see a cute girl chatting you up about her Tier 7 set in World of Warcraft, nor would you be waiting for your raid leader while he rolled a joint. The hardcore gamer as we know it has changed to something of an enigma, and attempting to define it has been, at least for me, contentious in the 21st century."

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LukeWashingTons2668d ago

Nice article. I definitely agree that that the "hardcore gamer" has changed since the 90s. Though I was still just a kid back then, so I might not have noticed it as well.

Xanatos20002668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

The social evolution of gamers is an interesting topic. It makes you wonder how it came about. Were the early gamers really as socially awkward as they were made out to be?