Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed - delayed, new info and Box Art

Thanks to a recent interview with DICE's Marcus Nilsson, Shift 2 Unleashed's executive producer, new information about the game has been revelead as well as the box art of the game and the release date of the game.

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Supman2609d ago

get ready Xbox live,
here I come!

Ps:Shift 2 Unleashed
is soooo epic.

BiggCMan2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I agree. I liked shift quite a bit. Definitely a step in the right direction, although Hot Pursuit is still a good game regardless of the different type of racing. I think having both options is nice. Shift is a bit of a simulation type game, but a in a more casual sense. And Hot Pursuit still keeps the Need for Speed formula fun and fresh. Looking forward to Shift 2.

jalen2472609d ago

Your description is spot on. I am not really into racing sims but I love Need For Speed Shift. The developers presented racing simulations in a package that is easy for people to get excited about and into. I am looking forward to Shift 2.

showtimefolks2609d ago

good game worth the 20 it is now?

Quagmire2609d ago

didnt try shidt? Oh, you must mean Black Ops. Maybe you should skip that, and try Shift instead.

DK_Kithuni_712603d ago

I skipped Shift too when it was released but recently got it from the bargain bin. I don't care much for the Need For Speed series. In fact I think they are all rubbish. BUT Shift is a decent game. A very good 8/10 in my book. I will surely buy Shift 2 at some point in time too. Give Shift a try. I can easily recommend it.

Arup022609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

No need to rush. they should spend more time making the game, when this comes out i want to have the best experience possible, not a crashed game.

Quagmire2609d ago

^^^This, hopefully they dont take 6 years just to release a buggy game *cough*

Samus HD2608d ago

most of the sequels are holding the name UNLEASHED!!
it is getting boring

Quagmire2607d ago

1: Star Wars The Force Unleashed
2: Shift 2: Unleashed
3: ????

Renewman2607d ago

I love how much smack DICE has been talking lately. They know that no one is giving Shift 2 a second look on the PS3 at the moment considering GT5 just came out. So, in order to get some sort of recognition, let's smack talk the competition.