Rumor: Is Uncharted 3 Going To The Desert?

Kotaku: After exploring the South American jungles of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and the Himalayas in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, where will half-tucked treasure hunter Nathan Drake find himself next? According to an informed source, Drake's going to the desert.

The same source that says an Uncharted 3 reveal is due on or around the Spike TV Video Game Awards indicates that the next game in Naughty Dog's PlayStation 3 adventure series will trade Nepalese snow for sun and sand. The deserts of Africa have been a frequently theorized and requested setting for the third Uncharted game—one that would put Drake on a path already traveled by Indiana Jones.

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All_4_One2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

That would be awesome. Exploring pyramids and excavation sites would be so sick.

Lionhead2513d ago

Crossing my fingers that the reveal on the 12th is deffo Uncharted 3 >:D

mikeslemonade2513d ago

I'm gonna drool over the sand textures and physics.

AAACE52513d ago

I'll go wherever Uncharted takes me... Uncharted ranks in my top 5 favorite games!

1. Zelda: Oot
2. GTA series
3. Uncharted 2
4. DoA series
5. CoD: MW series

Just my personal favorites, don't care if you like them or not, I have fun with them and that's all that matters! FFX was in there until Uncharted 2 came out!

LordMarius2513d ago

If it does take place in the dessert, i wonder what the supernatural enemy will be, I rather not see mummies. Hopefully ND gets creative. Anubis make it happen!

RememberThe3572513d ago

If they go the desert route I would expect them to do the mummy thing. Hopefully if that happens they'll put they're own twist on it.

colonel1792513d ago

I actually hope they do another kind of twist this time. The first game was a very unexpected thing, but the second kind of got old, even though it was very well done, and well put into the story.

I hope they get creative in doing something completely different, not with choosing another monster-twist-not twist-anymore-thing

jony_dols2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

How about a Drake adventure set in the West of Ireland, Bermuda, Haiti and Iceland in the hunt to find the secret entrance of Atlantis which is situated in the Atlantic ocean? You could tie in Celtic, Voodoo & Viking myth & folklore (play Clive Barkers Undying to get a feel for it).

An action/adventure game based in Egypt is just one big cliche. ND don't rip off Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider Revelations, please go with something original (*cough*cough* ^^^)

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el zorro2513d ago

Yeah, I would really enjoy that setting. I love this franchise.

killing_Art2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

best sand ever confirmed!!

Traveler2513d ago

I'll be crossing my fingers. I have a tremendous interest in ancient Egypt, the Mediterranean, and Middle East in general.

RememberThe3572513d ago

There is so much history in the Middle East they could almost do anything with it. But since Assassin's Creed already kind of did the Middle East thing they might have decided to do something different. Egypt is shrouded in mystery and would allow them to do really anything. They would also be able to take the super natural direction with the mummies and the gods.

ChineseDemocracy2513d ago

Gunslingin' grave robbers, count me in!

vickers5002513d ago

Yeah, I'd actually like that. Personally, I think the whole rainforest thing is becoming a bit old (in my opinion), and think the setting needs to change.

SnuggleBandit2513d ago

How so? Both games werent entirely jungle (cept the first)

vickers5002513d ago

I know, but the first one combined with the majority of the second one is too much for me. I want a new setting, and while the snow cave and the lost city were pretty cool, there wasn't enough of playtime through those two.

Also they need less tombs I think.

Daver2513d ago

Desert! That is what I was hoping for Uncharted 3

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Balt 2513d ago

My magix 8 ball just informed me it'll start on the Ocean in a Cruise Ship with Nathan & Elana

It'll then sink due to an otherworldly happening

Then it'll carry over into the deserts of Egypt as they look for a mysterious Bermuda triangle link that is tied to an ancient temple in Egypt that acts as a gateway to two worlds -- AND IS ALSO THE REASON FOR THE SHIPS DEMISE!

Oh, wait, nevermind it said reply hazy try again later.

sjeen662513d ago

i live in desert environment so i`ll dig this bring it quick naughty dog

George Sears2513d ago

Besides the desert, underwater caves of some sorts would be pretty cool. Imagine playing the game on an underwater cave then you pop up from underwater and see a buttload of glow worms.

Shang-Long2513d ago

remember in the 1st he was in that went suit. im picturing a level where we scuba dive in a cave. mayb its just me but that could be fun

badz1492513d ago

will definitely be redundant with the early scenes in TR Underworld.

Bonerjam2513d ago

I think it woukd be cool to see them do something with atlantis

richard9192513d ago

i think Egypt or a story centering around an Ancient Egyptian treasure would be awesome

Genecalypse2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

I agree, I havent played either of the games but Id love to see some crazy Egyptian mythology

NegativeCreepWA2513d ago

If you own a PS3 I have got to ask what the hell is wrong with you? Uncharted 2 is not a game you go without playing it you have the means.

Genecalypse2513d ago

its on my list to do but Ive got a large backlog piling up

badz1492513d ago

if you're an action game fan, Uncharted is a MUST!

nycredude2513d ago

Seriously drop everything, and go get and play both Uncharted 1 and 2!

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richard9192513d ago

haha agree with ya NegativeCreepWA

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