Press Release: Transformers on DVD and HD DVD

Earning over $650 million at the global box office to date, the massive production exploded onto screens from the creative minds of director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg, in association with Hasbro, taking audiences by storm and becoming the biggest original film of the year.

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MK_Red4093d ago

This is why I'm really angry at Paramount, on want Transformers on Blu-ray!

rusgreim4093d ago

Unless HD DVD wins by that point, then you are just SOL.

shysun4093d ago

I'll just buy it on DVD now and trade it in when it comes out on BD.

Delive4093d ago

Atleast for now, but I have decided that I'll just have to go without Transformers unless it's on BR. Maybe one day, maybe not. I'll be alright either way.

Morbius4204092d ago

I'm pissed that the original Halloween is going Blu-Ray on October 2nd

MikeGdaGod4092d ago

i already got a screener copy of Transformers and i just watch it upscaled

they won't see my money either way

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Fan Tastic4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

18 months of waiting it is.

Just like Blades of Glory. Blu-ray has losslesss, HD DVD doesn't.

I like how people click "disagree" when I've stated FACTS. Just show how stupid fanboys are.

Birdman184093d ago

the average everyday consumer has no idea what in the world lossless audio is.. so that point is totally mute. everyones not audiophiles believe it or not, nor do they want to upgrade all of their equipment to get just a little bit better sound. the cost isnt worth it. and thats what it all comes down to.. PRICING.. HD DVD is cheaper hands down and has just as good video quality as blu ray. (i have both)

scarlett_rg4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

I'm sure people are disagreeing with you because unless you have $40,000 speakers, and hearing more sensitive than the latest audio sensing equipment... then you probably can't notice the difference between the two audio tracks.

People are disagreeing with you because it doesn't "blow big time".

EDIT: Birdman beat me to it.

Fan Tastic4093d ago

Exactly the idiotic response I'd expect.

FYI, you don't even need all new gear to get lossless. You can have 2 channel lossless. Or use analog inputs on many older receivers. Aside you can get a HDMI lossless receiver for less than you paid for your 360 or PS3.

The HD DVD/Blu-ray world isn't just freaking 360 and PS3.

sak5004093d ago

i've been listening to lossfilled sounds/music since i was old enough to comprehend. After vinyl jump to cd and then Mp3 and 5.1 surround sound were some of the major steps in technology but I think there is enough clarity nowadays that there are few people who can really distinguish the clarity in lossless sound (just another hyped up BD crap). I love the move from SD to HD in visual department but for me lossless or tossless b$ sound doesnt warrant going BD side (dont even care about 7.1 either). I'm happy with my 5.1 surround and 50" HD TV

DrRage774093d ago

almost NOBODY cares about lossless audio, and do you know why?? it is because there are very FEW people that are willing to pay thousands of dollars so that they can get an almost imperceivable increase in sound clarity. things like lossless audio are more for people that pay attention to specs, rather than actual real world performance....for the REAL consumer, they don't care about lossless audio. you can disagree with me if you want, but think about this rationally, how many average consumers are EVER going to buy equipment so that they are capable of taking advantage of lossless audion??? heck, it is a FACT that currently there only about 25% of households have an HDTV, let alone more high-tech devices where they can't tell the differences on. people were screaming when the ps3 got hdmi 1.3, yet look at the number of people that have a receiver capable of being able to utilize the extra audio and video bandwidth of that, let alone ANY tv.......

again, things like this are all SPECS, and nothing more to the people that actually matter in the buying market, REAL consumers....

MarioFromTexas4093d ago

do you even know what are you talking about...Blu ray would have more room for lossless audio before HDDVD. I can't beleave how ignorant you are.....Spiderman3 is still the biggest movie

cuco334093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

but let's look at the facts... How many people have the home theater setup and are proficient to know exactly the advantage of lossless audio? Most BD fans and Sony fanboys have already preached the lack of TrueHD, DTS, etc but only preach specs without really knowing what they are saying. Of course I would like to have a lossless soundtrack but I'm no audio guru and prefer better visuals since for me Dolby Digital Plus (DD+) works plenty good (for me). The movie is slated to be released just a few months after being in the theaters, it's not the space that's lacking, it's the time to encode the audio in high fidelity.

If lossless is an issue, then mention the 9 minute framing issues Pirates of the Caribean on BD has since THAT is an issue for most ;)

@ fan tastic: I know that PotC issue is the studio's fault, isn't this Parmount's issue to not include lossless audio for whatever reason? Regardless of the format? Do you or anyone on this site have the equipment to fully take advantage of lossless audio? I HIGHLY doubt it.

As for your bandwidth claim, let's get this straight... BD does have slightly better bandwidth over HD DVD as it was NEEDED for the older codec it was originally designed around. The newer mpeg4 and vc-1 work the same and don't require as much bandwidth and hence BD now has 'more bandwidth' which isn't an advantage, it was NEEDED for the older codec. It's the same bullsh*t that I hate from the Sony crowd similar to the 'advantage' of the antiscratch coating on BD disks. That coating isn't an advantage, it is a NEED because the data layer is closest to the surface of any media and a simple hairline scratch can make the disk an expensive coaster. But keep on preaching on your BD and Sony FUD, have you reached chapter 8 yet in your spec sheets that they mailed to you?

Seems to me you pro-blu guys are bitter you can't get this movie on BD. I'm neutral on this format btw and wouldn't mind it going to BD as well so ALL can enjoy.

scarlett_rg4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Umm... no. Maybe YOU'RE the idiot Fan_Tastic!

Any benefits of a "lossless" digital track are almost entirely lost by the fact that nothing EXCEPT the track is lossless. Speakers are analogue. The data transmitted to the speakers is analogue. The soundwaves travel through variations in the air. Your eardrums work by little hairs moving against a membrane. The information travels to your brain my a series of chemical signals, and is then interpreted my more chemical signals in your brain.

Especially compared to the type of audio that would be available on the HD-DVD, you will need some VERY expensive equipment, a crazily controlled environment, and incredible hearing to ever hope to notice any difference! That is why it is in fact YOU are an idiot.

You probably wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between a highly compressed MP3 track, and your precious "lossless" audio.

Edit: @ Fan_Tastic below. Oh, I can easily tell the difference between MP3s and lossless. I was suggesting that I'd be surprised if YOU could. And I absolutely defy you to be able to tell the difference between lossless and the quality present on an HD-DVD using even an high-end home theatre setup. Congrats to you if you can... but my original point was why people were disagreeing with you. And the fact is that the difference is so negligible (if noticeable at all) that nobody cares.

Edit: @Fan_Tastic below (again)... I'm not back-pedaling anything. I still completely stand by all my statements regarding the fact that you need very expensive equipment, and insane hearing to even have a chance in hell of noticing a difference. Most people have neither... therefore nobody cares that the audio isn't lossless... therefore people are disagreeing with you that "it blows".

Fan Tastic4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

You said:

"do you even know what are you talking about...Blu ray would have more room for lossless audio before HDDVD. I can't beleave how ignorant you are.....Spiderman3 is still the biggest movie "

Of course blu-ray has more space and bandwidth. Did you not see how I mentioned the Blades of Glory on blu-ray (was recalled but copies did make it out, look at eBay) has a lossless track and the HD-DVD version does not.

Sure some HD-DVD's do have lossless tracks when they comprimise the PQ even more. The bandwidth simply doesn't allow for them to compete with blu-ray.

sak500, "(just another hyped up BD crap). " you do now that HD DVD and BLu-ray have lossless capabilites (though vastly more blu-ray titles than HD DVD titles have lossless tracks. Time to shut your Sony hating crap. Don't get mad at others if you have deficient hearing problems.

For those considering HD DVD, skip on the add-on, it is a piece of crap compared to the stand alones Toshiba players. Don't short change yourself by buying a band aid approach that doesn't even do the format justice.

scarlett_rg - You simply should speak of yourself as you clearly can type better than you can hear. Perhaps my grandpa (a naval war veteran) and you would agree as his hearing isn't the best either. Go to any credible home theater forum and you'd be laughed at by HD DVD fans and Blu-Ray fans.

"Edit: @ Fan_Tastic below." haha, so now you are backpedalling against your original post. Classic, you truly are a piece and you flat out wrong. Stick with more science and less BS and you'll do just fine in the future.

BOTTOM LINE IS this title should have lossless and it isn't coming which is a shame. If you don't care about high end or can't tell the difference then get the DVD version and save money.

Cuco33, You highly doubt it but you are flat out wrong. I do have the equipment and it is very nice (it doesn't cost much these days to get into).

The bandwidth advantage isn't slight but quite large. AVC encodes have gone well over HD-DVD's abilities as well not just Mpeg2. You really should do research before pretending like you know something by copying what you probably read from some MS PR piece.

SmokeyMcBear4093d ago

its actually pretty simple really. One has it.. the other does not. Why can't both of the format's have it? It doesnt really matter if no one knows about it, or if people don't have the equipment for it. Maybe some people do. Maybe some people do want it. Most likely 95% of the people buying High Definition discs don't know what it is.. but I bet you 100% of the people wouldnt mind having it. Its the more for free.. if someone can get extra, for the same price, even if they don't use it, they would rather have it. Cmon now, something for free is always good. The HD DVD defenders all into the good enough category. The " hey i'm probably not going to notice it so who cares" category. Why be satisfied with the good enough.. don't you want the best out there?

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power of Green 4093d ago

I you need Transformers never mind Blu-ray just buy the dirt cheap HD-DVD add-on for your 360?. lol

tehcellownu4093d ago

I will never support hddvd epecially when it will be dead all for blue ray..sticking to one format is cheaper and blue ray have the best supporter..

DJ4093d ago

Wait it out until the exclusivity deal ends (and if Paramount ends it early).