PSUni: Credible Gran Turismo 5 Review

PSUni writes: "Always synonymous with intricate detail and a complete, whole driving experience, Gran Turismo has set the bar for all other racing games in the past. Few have managed the level of quality and detail, features and quantity that we’ve come to expect from GT.
After Prologue and a string of brief ‘demos’, we finally have a full-fledged GT title for the Playstation 3. It’s been a long wait. It’s been surrounded by hype, misinformation, delay and anticipation.
It’s finally here. And after 5 loooong years, everyone hope’s it has been worth it."

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mike90772664d ago

My only complaint is the online I just think they should give you some incentive to play it. I mean the sharing cars and stuff is cool but i wish you could win some credits or something if u win races.

DavePSU2664d ago

I agree entirely. It would also be cool if they allowed side-bets with friends on upcoming races, etc...

There is a lot of room for online improvement in GT5, no doubt. Hopefully with the ability to patch now, Polyphony will implement something in the near future to take advantage of it.

TAMram2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

What you guys are saying is true but the thing about improvements is that you never get what you want.

With that being said if they are going to improve the multiplayer here's hoping they'll add in some neat features.

One day ill try online. Just been running A-spec mode since I got the game on release day.

Dark_king2664d ago

@TAMram MAG has given me the improvements I wanted.Same with LBP,so maybe you should say almost never.

TAMram2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Yea you're right because there are chances you get what you want so almost never seems about right

PS360PCROCKS2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

good review, every gripe they have are the same as mine, especially A.I.

"AI is slightly underwhelming. While the number of on-track cars has increased to up to 16 in some events, their on-track ability hasn’t changed a considerable amount since Prologue. They still appear glued to the racing line, they still pile directly into the side of your car if you happen to spin on the racing line (and continue to try and drive through you like you’re not even there). They still mid-corner brake and perform other odd, forced errors which can be a nuisance in License tests and Special Events where you’re immediately disqualified for bumping, just brushing another car. And they’re not penalised for error while you take the brunt of all the mistakes. After all this time, it is disappointing."

Nothing is more annoying than doing a license test and they brake randomly and you bump them and you're disqualified. You side swipe them slightly and you are disqualified. Yet the A.I. can slam into you multiple times, try to spin you out, run you off the road and hit you from behind when you're slowing down for a corner. It makes some of the license tests EXTREMELY annoying.

if i am disqualified for bumping, they should be too. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever, such a double standard. Make the A.I. smarter or get them the fuck out of my way.

djfullshred2664d ago

I hear ya on that. I was just doing one of those driving tests, and it started pissing me off that I was disqualified several times while just holding my ground on the inside, while the NPC car always comes in on my line & sideswipes me. If I back off, I lose. If I hold my ground, I lose.

PS360PCROCKS2664d ago

Yup, it's really difficult. They give you two laps to pass 15 cars but you can't drive aggressive at all. I mean come on 2 laps? Who in a real race goes from 16th to 1st in 2 laps? lol. I'm stuck on the last test of international A license i think. the forest track, it's driving me crazy trying to get through it.

Tapewurm2664d ago

@PS360WIIRocks...... The AI ramps up as you the time you level to 40 it is like a different game. Read this review here: http://www.gamerevolution.c...