Gran Turismo 5 (UK) Second Opinion Review | JPS

"Gran Turismo 5 is the largely anticipated game in the long Gran Turismo franchise. With its first outing on PlayStation 3 the game certainly has had a rough time to release with numerous delays and hiccups along the way. Have these problems carried on into the retail version or where they properly ironed out before release? More importantly has the wait been worth it?" - JPS

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Sez 2700d ago

How many games on other platforms got a second review. Make you wonder

MattyF2700d ago

Depending on your level of interest in cars and that industry, opinions on the game can vary greatly in either positive or negative ways. I'm sure IGN will have second take on it soon.

Bathyj2700d ago

Since so many reviews were rushed just to be out in time its only fitting a game of this depth should have a more extensive review.

Its like here when the first guy to comment hardly ever has anything relevant to say.

el zorro2700d ago

Nothing wrong with second opinions, in