Capcom was once considering Street Fighter 3.5 instead of doing SF4

Paul Gale Network writes, "Before Capcom 100% committed themselves to doing Street Fighter 4, they were actually toying around with the idea of making a fourth title in the Street Fighter 3 series and it would have come out in February, 2009 (instead of SF4)."

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Balt 2671d ago

Shocking! The company who lived off of Street Fighter 2 for 10 years was thinking something so irrational as this? Earth shattering revelation. What next, is Moses going to come down from the hills with more stone tablets?

Jackojwang2671d ago

I wouldn't mind SF3.5 NOW, but thank god it didn't happen BEFORE SF4 did.

ExplosionSauce2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

If the ".5" means more (returning)characters, added features and improvements and HD sprites?
Then YES!

I'm still not 100% on the 3D characters after 2 years lol.

Tito082671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

I would of preffered another SF3 over SF4 & SSF4!!!!

dredgewalker2671d ago

I still love SF3's aggressive parry system. It's more intuitive and makes SF more dynamic and fast paced. I still prefer over 3D animation on a 2d fughting game. I still play my PS2 SF3 once in a while and I still like it better than SF4.

OldSchoolGamer32671d ago

I'm still a bit bummed that Capcom made 4 take place between 2 and 3. 4 is almost SF2.5 as is!

TonykomatMK2671d ago

Capcom was smart by not making a numbered entry every time because when a numbered entry finally does come out it stands out in a real big way...

VersusEM2671d ago

I don't get the hype about Street Fighter IV, I didn't think it was that fun, I could only do one combo and that was barely possible for me. I felt Blazblue was much more better and more fast paced but that's me.

OldSchoolGamer32671d ago

Did you feel the same way with Super?

princejb1342671d ago

yea i hate street fighter 4 including super
they should have just kept 3rd strike fighting system
and the character models on sf4 wasnt really good to look at

draz12262671d ago

I remember playing 3rd Strike on my friend's Dreamcast. It was amazing back then. I'm satisfied with their choice to make SF4, but I'd still like to see what they would have done with 3.5

Tito082671d ago

SF3s are arguably the best along with Alphas... Capcom made SS4 based on the success of SF2, which is too cheesy, it sold by being too cheesy-friendly, something I hate a lot!!!!

J-Killer152671d ago

There's no such thing as "cheesers" in the fighting genre unless you're referring to laggers. If you get beat by someone using the same tactic repeatedly then you need to go to the training room.

However, I do agree that SF3 is arguably the best in the series even though some of the ideas came from King of Fighters.

princejb1342671d ago

my favorite is alpha 3=]
and than 3rd strike

Tito082671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

@ J-Killer15 You can be the best in SF2 or Sf4, I bet you someone with no skills will beat you in it once they figure out a way to win without doing combos and all that, Alpha 3, SF3 and KOF are the complete opposite, those are games that really take skills... That's why they weren't popular, because of how hardcore they were!!!!

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