Banning the Swastika Doesn't Fix Xbox Live's Problems

Parading around Call of Duty: Black Ops wearing a swastika might earn you a ban on Xbox Live, but that's just the tip of a very troubled system.

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-Alpha2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

As far as I know Treyarch bans for people violating their game.

If MS takes over an account as a whole I agree that there is some inconsistency but this is no different from any other law or policy.

I'm not sure if "420" violates anything considering that marijuana is well legal in numerous places. It's not the same as a Swastika IMO because the Swastika is rooted in global history and indicative of a hateful ideology.

I don't expect any system to perfectly catch all the rulebreakers or not to have any gray areas but I sure as hell am glad they are trying, regardless of inconsistency as it at least keeps a majority in check.

DeadIIIRed2666d ago

I agree that the weed and hakenkreuz are on totally different levels. It's when people report them as offensive that it becomes offensive to MS and developers. Sad too since most of the time they're only reporting because they got whomped in-game. I've had two perfectly legit gamertags banned for that reason.

ECM0NEY2666d ago

Ive had one taken from me for that reason.

NegativeCreepWA2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I have a friend who's gamer tag was BaldBastard for 5 years then out of nowhere he was forced to change it or be banned.

SnakePlissken2666d ago

Sid, fuck yea! Look at that
'Cross the street
There's a car built just for me
To own a car would be a luxury
But right now I can't afford the gas
A brand new convertible is out of my class
But that can't stop me from thinkin' to myself
"That car's fine lookin', man,
it's something else"

Dark_king2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Again censoring for any reason is wrong.I don't understand why people are okay with it.If this is okay to you ban the cross to,christian's have murdered millions more then hitler could dream.An for far less reason,at least hitler was trying to feed his people when he started.christian's did it because they didn't believe in the same invisible man.An 4:20 is a number how can a number be offending.

PotatoClock2666d ago

Ummm, I'm sorry, Hitler was trying to feed his people? By invoking hatred in his country for anyone that wasn't white, taking over Europe and killing millions of innocent people because of their religion? Thats a pretty wierd way of feeding his people, don't you think?

Did you even take history class or you just taking what you were taught from a raving hobo as fact?

Dark_king2666d ago

Maybe you don't know this but the german people were starving.And yes war brings in finances when you kill and take what was their's.Not the nicest way to do it,but extremely affective.Its you that doesn't know your history.Look up how germany was left after WW1 you might learn something.

SybaRat2666d ago

Probably because most people aren't okay with neo-nazi fuckwits. See, it's only censorship when you're doing it to "protect" someone else. When you suppress content so you yourself don't have to see it, that's a choice.

Dark_king2666d ago

I know must people are not okay with "neo-nazi fu*kwits".But where do you draw the line either censor everything or censor nothing censor or what you don't want to see.Censoring of any type just seems wrong to me it creates ignorance.

PotatoClock2666d ago

So spending a lot of money on a Military and machines like Panzers to the point of being able to bulldoze their way through Europe is the best way of feeding people?

Yes Germany was left crippled after a war they willingly entered, but entered on the team that wasn't going to win so they ended up in a bad state of affairs rather than riches, but that doesn't mean that Hitlers motives were for the well-being of his people which is what your implying.
Germany would of recovered without taking over neighbouring countries. Economies do bounce back over time you know.

Dark_king2666d ago

I said when he started it was to feed his people.It was the reason his people put him in power.They were being forced to pay damages for WW1 that cost was starving there country.Yes building tanks and robbing other country's was financially a good decision.Instead of continuing to pay another country your money.Use that money building tanks creating jobs employing a large military creating jobs.This feeds your people.I should say I don't condone anything germany did in WW2,there were other ways to go about it without killings millions of innocent people.But more often then not human's take the easy way out.

Z7772665d ago

i see what you mean however even though Hitler thought what he was doing was for the best of Germany, he tried to take over the whole world and in the name of religion yet ofcourse failed. I'm pretty sure he was not a Christian. communism/fascism = atheism in its purest form...Oh btw the Jewish God is the same as the Christian God unless your a zionist jew... anyways enough of the religious talk lol, 4:20 may, to many Americans mean national weed day but it is also Hitler's B-day.

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Sadie21002666d ago

LOL: "Maybe you’ve also noticed a lack of people named Adolf in the last 70 years."

DaCajun2666d ago

What do you expect from ignorant white trash aryans full of hate due to that ignorance.

RXL2666d ago

Hitler really Fxxked up that sweet stash style

could you imagine the possibilities?

"wanna ride the landing strip baby?"


thebudgetgamer2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

yea, before his shenanigins it was called the chaplin.


SnakePlissken2666d ago

well, now we have to deal with all these brown pride mexican racist fucks. they are worst than any nazi, aryans hardly even exist these days. you got all the hispanic garbage flooding in with all their racist ways and problems!

thebudgetgamer2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

where you going after this, clan rally?

SnakePlissken2666d ago

i hit a nerve? where u live, in europe? lol, come on down to Cali my friend and youll see what im talking about! dont be so closeminded.

thebudgetgamer2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

no, i'm from rochester ny. i just found your out the blue racism kinda funny.


person 1: you shouldn't call people fat.

person 2: those smelly sweeds really piss me off.

madmax: there are gang problems everywhere, gangs of all races. i just don't have the time too be racist to all those people.

it's not a freedom of speech issue because we all clicked agree on the terms of service.

earbus2666d ago

would u get banned using the buddhist version of the swas.

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