FYC: VGA Rumor – Resident Evil, Mass Effect and Bioshock?

Feed Your Console Says:
Well as some of you might have seen, I posted my annual Wishlist to Santa Claus and in there some may have noticed few snippets and wondered “a new Resident Evil game and Mass Effect?”. I can say with all certainty that an unnamed source has confirmed to me 2 guaranteed announcements and 1 they weren’t positive on but were certain that it existed but possibly wouldn’t make it to the VGAs.

1.) Mass Effect (2.5?) is to be announced at the VGAs. My source tells me it was originally planned to be released as DLC but soon ballooned to a size that was worthy of a full retail release

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Crazay2761d ago

I like the idea of Resident Evil multiplayer taking place during Resident Evil 2. That could be sweet!