The Fight: Lights Out rocks

Kevin Butler, VP tweets:

If someone doesn't know the Move is crazy precise, send them this guy's vid of The Fight: Lights Out

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trounbyfire2611d ago

so this guy got headtracking to work...and reviewer didn't

whateva2610d ago

& the game is 1:1 with your movements with no lag

morganfell2610d ago

The guy is correct. Several of us have been trying to tell people.

You have to level up - your fighter is slow and inaccurate at first. (Wow, level up in a game to unlock abilities and/or features, go figure)

And you do have to reach out. That much can't be emphasized enough. The game is a blast and a damn good warm up to a workout.

ThanatosDMC2610d ago

Damn, reviewers made me not buy the game. I'll check it out once i get more money next week.

JoySticksFTW2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Reviewers didn't give that game a chance. They dogged it because they were too noobish with motion controls instead of spending more then five minutes with the game to practice.

Lair motion controls worked well, but this gen has really showed how closed-minded and backwards some "gamers" can be.

Game reviews are now slanted and littered with half-truths.

"The Fight doesn't work"
"GT5 has no / very little damage"

We all see it, but shame on us if we let reviews stop us from trying out a game that we've been eyeing.

I never would have picked up Demon's Souls if I believed those noob reviews that complained it was too hard. Or the first Uncharted which was downplayed as Dude Raider when it came out. Or Heavenly Sword which was a branded a GoW clone and nothing more. Or Ninja Blade or Heavy Rain which were reported to be one endless Quick Time Event sequence.

Best advice... listen to fellow GAMERS that have similar tastes as you. And try it yourself if possible.

Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith. At least wait until it's discounted and pick it up then.

sashimi2610d ago

The guy is already smarter then all those reviewers combined..Nice video though, good to know the game is actually good! unlike what reviewers have said, what a useless bunch.

JoeReno2610d ago

Ive been saying this in nearly every Fight artical that crosses my path, and caused me to loose any faith i had left in reviews, except TSA, and Movemodo.

mac_sparrow2610d ago

I too championed the fight in many articles, it's bloody good fun.

scruffyexaminer2610d ago

You need good conditions, but you don't need head-tracking to enjoy the game and have a good fight. It's used just for ducking, which is not common or necessary.

Shazz2611d ago

love it when reviewers get caught out for slating games then it bites them in the ass . happening a whole lot with move games coz reviewers seem to think its a waggle waggle controller when its not

Balt 2611d ago

Dude's got some jelly in his belly --Good vid, though. It really, like ol'buddies last night, shows exactly what I've been saying since day 1.

The Fight is hot.

Me and my bandmates thrash the hell out of it almost nightly around 12 to 3 in the morning. Good for the days I don't make it to the gym too. I burn 400 calories a night on it when I play. That can't be bad for anyone. Love the game -- Go buy it -- Send me a friend request and we'll throw down!

RememberThe3572610d ago

It doesn't look bad. I thought it was going to look much worse. It doesn't really look like a game I'd want to play but it doesn't seem nearly as bad as reviewers are making it out to be.

Balt 2610d ago

People who don't get "The Fight" just don't get it at all. They're playing "The Fight" and thinking about their janky little FPS like COD, Halo and so forth and so on. They want to sit back on their lard asses and drink their soada, eat their chips and ding dongs < in more ways than one too > Greg Miller anyone?

When you weave and wobble, you're getting an ab work out. When you throw your jabs it's hitting your triceps. When you're uppercutting it's hitting your delts and bis. It should've gotten an 8 on principle. Wiisports gets 10's and this gets 3's and 4's??

Oh, I forgot -- you don't have to be physical to play wii. It kind of plays itself.

Quagmire2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

lol, bubbles bro, that was funny, because its true!

scruffyexaminer2610d ago

I am jelly-belly man. It's true... and it's also true I've slimmed down a lot in the past two weeks playing this game. My next vid is going to be a before/after fight lights out workout vid.


gtsentry2610d ago

im buying a new ps3 move bundle soon,im so hype

metsgaming2610d ago

When are they going to make a demo !?!?!?!

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