Cross Game Chat – Episode XV + Interview with 8-bit Mickey

This week sees the return of Corey to the hosting duties in place of Paulmichael. PMC was punished a week of air time due to his obvious lack of movie knowledge but he will return next episode. Corey is joined by regulars Cameron, Josh, and Allen as the crew go over upcoming new releases, have a great debate about Mark Wahlberg playing Nathan Drake, and a solid feature about Gran Turismo 5 and the media backlash surrounding the game. Josh also displays his lack of pop culture knowledge with an epic fail concerning a G.I. Joe reference, something Allen decides to address in his obsessions. Our regular interview with the latest contestant to be kicked of The Tester Season 2 continues as this week we talk games and everything in between with 8-bit Mickey.

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doctorstrange2607d ago

He'd done pretty well in previous eps, and joking about smelly ass helped make the show better.