Exclusive DC Universe Online Screenshots

Eric of Spawn Kill Writes:

"Spawn Kill has your exclusive first look at new screenshots from the upcoming title DC Universe Online. Developed by Sony Online Entertainment, DC Universe Online will be shipping early in 2011 for PC and PS3. The new set of screensshots shows off some intense battles throughout Metropolis. Check out the gallery for the exclusive new screenshots."

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theherp802640d ago

I'm liking this game more and more but i think its still going to be a hard sell.

xTruthx2640d ago

still waiting for my beta :(

ThatMiamiGuy2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Did you pick PS3 or PC? :/

I'm guessing PS3 :(

PC beta keys went out. If not, then, I'm sorry man :/

despair2640d ago

PS3 users got a PC beta key as well, at least thats how its supposed to be. It doesn't affect access to the PS3 beta if or when it is released.

soundslike2640d ago

doubtful that it wont sell

just look at Home

theres a lot of people who are going to jump on an MMO you can play from your couch

theherp802640d ago

very true, lots of home users. it is supposed to be very PvE based too which console gamers love.

rrquinta2640d ago

Is this the game where you can't actually be any of the real super heroes (or villains) you have to make one up?

thebudgetgamer2640d ago

on the website it says create your own carachter and fight alongside the heroes.

i imagine the super heroes ie batman will be nps's

rdgneoz32640d ago

You can PvP as real super heroes / villains (some are unlocks as you go, I know Batman is a preorder unlock), but you make your own character to fight with them in raids / missions / PvE content.

despair2640d ago

I think its better that way, from the vids I saw character creation is very detailed and you can always play as the DC characters in a PvP arena like batman vs joker etc.

I mean its a MMO so having 10k batman characters running around is not logical. Again from the vids I saw you can also choose inspired by characters and look and behave like a superhero or supervillan of your choosing.

TheLiztress2640d ago

I don't mind having to create my own superhero or villain. Those screenshots look mighty impressive.

Snarkasaur2640d ago

I can't wait to see the ten million batman clones!

TheLiztress2640d ago

Ugh... I hope not to see that many clones of Batman or any of the licensed characters. Whatever happened to creativity?

hazeblaze2640d ago

Nope... I'm in the beta. And I've not even seen ONE Batman clone. I've seen two or three versions of 'Superman'... but for the most part, ppl are being VERY creative about their heroes/villains.

despair2640d ago

you do know if you're in the beta under the NDA you can't even admit it right, just saying it so you can watch what you post anywhere, they take that very seriously

tigresa2640d ago

Looks awesome! I want to get a band of antiheroes together. X3

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The story is too old to be commented.