Amazon’s Cyber Monday Has Some Incredible Deals For Gamers

Just because the weekend is over, doesn’t mean that the deals are going to stop. Amazon keeps up the deals for Cyber Monday, offering some great deals on some of the hottest games this year. While some of us might be broke from this past weekend, there are some still deal hunting, and Amazon has a bunch of good ones for you.

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poopface12644d ago

I used my 20$ credit to get Fallout NV for 20$, and it comes with 10$ off of a 12 month Live card which amazon already sells for 15$less than MS. That was strange because Fallout is a SP only game.

ScubaSteve12644d ago

i used my 15 credit to get uncharted 2 goty for 25

gorebago2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Does anyone think these deals will be extended ala walmart and toys r us? I get paid tomorrow....

I got majin for 3 bucks last week with cod preorder credit and now I want more...

SexCells2644d ago

God this is a BAD time to be broke. I spent what I had extra on Friday, even then I didn't want to spend it. But Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit for 34 bucks with free shipping, could not resist that.

showtimefolks2644d ago

buy 2 get one free almost picked up enslaved but few of my friends work at the GS i been going for years now and every one of them said waite till this game turns into 10 and that will be pretty soon since it already 25

NT reallY?

how was the 1.5 HS sold copies bad again?

sometimes you don't know how great you had it sony wanted you to work with them lol

now go mess up DMC reboot