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BenzMoney3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

The Cell is a number cruncher - that is what it was designed for. It would be extremely efficient as a server or database backbone. I don't think its so much the PS3 they're showing off, but the cell - there just doesn't happen to be any other devices in which cell is a component.

Annihilator3608d ago

needs to unlock RSX under Linux ASAP !!!

nasim3608d ago

LAIR shows you a glimpse of what the ps3 can do.

20 000 highly detailed mercenaries with the Dragon wings alone containing 20x more poly than an entire scene in Gears.

Julian was saying the other day that although he believes LAIR chokes 30% of ps3's power he also believes that by 2-3 years that could eventually mean just 10% of ps3's power.

well this is certainly good news.

with better tools better games could be made on ps3 which is 3--10x more powerful than x360

drewdrakes3608d ago

Out of curiosity, how do you know how many polygons are in Lair/Gears? Also, does it matter that much? Its not like i sit close to my tv and check to see if i can see an edge or anything. At a certain point AA and textures take care of it all.

TheXgamerLive3608d ago

Stop it, you guys are still just being silly:)

nasim3608d ago

when you run the FOLDING HOME project CELL dissipates energy at 255 gflops approximately.

a typical XENON would do 15--20 gflops at best

DJ3608d ago

Hell, even Photoshop and Lightwave would be awesome.

drewdrakes3608d ago

No, no adobe products. They just waste resources on everything. Worst software company ever.

kr90913608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

If it is the worst software company ever then why do most freelance photographers, professional photographers, web design companies, plus others use their products then? Just Wondering :)

But I agree photoshop on the PS3 would fu*kin sweet!!

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