Xbox Live grapples with Google TV for access to your living room

Microsoft appears to be getting ready to apply what it hopes will be a choke hold on Google TV in the Battle Royal to win access to our living rooms.

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SmokexFFx2734d ago

Does this have to do with this?

If it does awesome, two rumors in one day.

Corepred42733d ago

i thought google tv and sony were doing something together. hmm.

Redlogic2733d ago

Well, yes supposedly they are doing something together. This article is about MS battling with Google to provide tv through the xbox. So it would make sense for it to become Sony/Google to battle MS in the future.

Simon_Brezhnev2733d ago

they already are they got i think 2 devices already supporting google tv

Godmars2902733d ago

This is about MS creating competition against GoogleTV.

Which would become a 2 on 1 if the PS3 gets a software app and not an add on box.

NecrumSlavery2733d ago

360 has a video store, Netflix, SkyTV, espn
PS3 has videostore, vudu, mubi, Netflix, hulu, Love FiLM, MLB TV, NHL TV, iBBC Player, PlayOn, PlayTV

I assume that this is the way of both companies, but how much an how many channels. Can this rival Internet ready TVs like sharp, toshiba, or sony bravia apps? Will this provide what cable and sat does? I don't have cable anymore cause the PS3 pretty much has it covered but I'd love some sort of TV app with all the channels that matter in HD and 3D ready too.

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TANUKI2733d ago

"Good Morning Agent P"
"Curse you Perry the Platypus!"

drsnobby2733d ago

I,ve read an article like this in the USA today.

NecrumSlavery2733d ago

I'm reading this article today and I'm in the USA too..

J/k I know you meant the paper

WoshJills2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Microsoft and Google are both software companies.
If TV is coming to Xbox LIVE then it will be made by Microsoft.
Google TV is more likely to appear on the PlayStation 3. Sony is a hardware company and Google partner after all.

NitrousX2733d ago

M$ is late again to the party. But a matter of fact when the 360 was due to launch M$ was in talks with IPTV companies and promised consumers it was on the way. And now google has beaten them to the post. Well I hope M$ learn from their mistakes and listen to their consumers as it was one of the features that gamers and entertainment buffs have ever wanted, a all rounder fully fletched entertainment machine.

And by Sony's ps3 saying what it does on the tin ''it only does everything'', as rumors suggest Sony & Google are going to be a duo together. Its defiantly a battle ground for the entertainment in the living room I say fight!!!.