The Problem With Sex As A Video Game Goal

As you thumb through dialogue trees in Mass Effect, trying to find the best lines to seduce slinky space-warrior Ashley, you're engaging in what the developers hope is an advanced form of simulated human interaction.
Throughout the game, Ashley slowly warms to your own personal Commander Shepard, even reeling off some flirtatious lines of her own.
If you've pressed ‘A' effectively enough your efforts are rewarded with a short sex scene.
And then, nothing.

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ssj2gohan832606d ago

Sex in video games are not needed. They do nothing to enhance the game, story, or gameplay experience. The only reason I think developers put sex into games is so 12 year old kids and virgins have something to fap to.

And thank god I'm not a virgin. :D

Arup022606d ago

lol, it may be true, but i think it adds a more emotive depth to the characters, but maybe ur right =D

RememberThe3572606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I agree with both. Things like the GoW sex senses are more meant as funny I think then meant to arouse or add anything to the game (it does show that Kratos gets with some bad b*tches though).

In a game like Mass Effect, however, it did seem to add to the character development, and it didn't really seem out of place.

@ssj2gohan83: That was kind of what I was alluding to. It can be done in ways that are tasteful (sort of). But it's very similar to movies that through a sex scene in for no purpose other than to arouse some teens.

If a sex scene can add something to the game then I generally don't mind, but if they're pointless (or poorly done) then there's really no place for them.

ssj2gohan832606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Those games are the exception and not the rule. Most of the time, other developers would just throw it in without any consideration other than being gratuitous. Certain Activision comes to mind for example, and those games don't have to be repeated here for how god awful they were.

Besides I have yet to play Mass Effect, and it is ready to launch in Steam. I purchased the game during the Summer Madness Sale.

True true, but if the developers want to put sex into the game, They have to make it so it isn't gratuitous, or to be their for the sake of being their, and if they are having trouble with it, they need to hire a highly respected romance novelist so it can be tied into the story properly. Where it becomes gratuitous is where I have the problem with it. And it is the same with swearing.

AAACE52606d ago

Like it or not... sex is part of life! In some way shape or form, we are attracted to everything in some sexually attractive way! Even the friends we choose are related to this. You feel more comfortable if you think you are more attractive than your friends... that's why you always see some slim good looking chick hanging out with a heavy set or ugly chick! Guys do it as well!

Anyway, the problem isn't sex in videogames... it's that the creators haven't figured out how to put it in a game in a tasteful manner! Usually, it is set up to be a nerds raunchy fantasy!

Sex is everywhere including tv commercials, movies, music, and everywhere in the real world. So for someone to say there is no place for sex in games just shows how closed minded they are and how detached they are from the real world!

They need to quit making games so sl*tty and fucus more on sexually attractive elements in order to make it work! The game creators need to get away from their computers, go outside and see what attracts people. They basically see what's popular (Musicians, Actors/actresses, Strippers, etc.) and use that as their catalyst of character creation. Whatever happened to real people?

ssj2gohan832606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Sorry for not comprehending on what you were implying. I felt that it need to be elaborated on more. Besides no harm was done.

I'm also that kind of person that likes to go into detail on the topic at hand. It also becomes a pet peeve when people don't go into detail or elaborate on it further. Especially, when the person doesn't explain who "they" and "them" are.

ExplosionSauce2606d ago

The problem is devs not being able to include sex in a game without making it "a goal".

I can't think of any games aside from Heavy Rain and GOWIII.

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lzim2606d ago

you're crazy (OP).

I'm not playing Mass Effect to save no damned galaxy or fight no giant god damn robot baby. I'm trying to pimp my pimp mobile by damn.

MultiConsoleGamer2606d ago

I've been a babe hound all my adult life and yet I still can't stand sex in video games.

Unless its Custer's Revenge, because that shit is just lulz worthy. (And a bit creepy.)

Dan502606d ago

Having sex in a game makes it banned in the US. You can ONLY have underwear sex here.

BiggCMan2606d ago

Heavy Rain's sex scene is not underwear sex. They are fully nude in it, they just do not show whats going on. I personally have no problem with sex in video games as long as its properly done like Heavy Rain or Mass Effect.

awi59512606d ago

If movies can have it so can games just grow up people. Damn Sharon Stone shows her yahoo in every damn movie shes in. But if a game has sex its the end of the world. I swear people in this world are hypocrites.

Gawdl3y2606d ago

Correction: People in America are hypocrites involving this kind of content.
It doesn't seem to matter much to anybody else in the world, except the extremist nations like Muslim nations.

SeraphimBlade2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Great article. Totally agree with the part about RDR.

I honestly just did the relationships in ME1 for achievement purposes. (yes, literally achievement whoring) but in ME2, Tali, easily my favorite female character, was available. It felt like more of a real relationship, (Ashley's kind of went from "you're pretty cute" to "do me! now!" in one or two conversations) and thus I felt much more involved. I was honestly let down when you (the player) still don't see her face. (c'mon ME3)

If you can choose who to romance, it should really impact the main story. Just like real life, I feel like my high school years would have been very different without a girlfriend.

...I wonder how many people are actually reading this article and not just jumping to conclusions from the title. makes me sad...

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