Scribblenauts dev: 3DS is ‘cooler’ than Kinect and Move

The creative director and co-founder of Scribblenauts - Jeremiah Slaczka, has drawn his weight on the recent motion talks, he said the Nintendo 3DS is 'cooler' than Microsoft and Sony's latest innovations, the Kinect and Move controllers.
He claimed that both the Kinect and Move provided him with only little inspiration, and unconditionally described the 3DS as a more cooler innovation. ” The 3DS is cooler in our opinion.”

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Shok2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

To be fair, you are comparing a whole actual system to two motion-sensing peripherals.......

proudly_X2789d ago

i thought Sony said they were looking at "move" as a device/hardware rather than a peripherals . . correct me pls

firefoxprime2788d ago

Honestly, all you have to do is look at which direction fans/devs are focusing on. I believe "some" people believe those motion peripherals will sustain the PS360's life/longevity. Personally, I think the 3ds is some awesome tech, but will need to persuade others with titles other than ports/flashy remakes. Anyways, my aqous blue 3DS will be sittin right next to my psp2. So yeah. Its cooler.

N4g_null2788d ago

Well that is the official pr from Sony and ms. These adding are suppose to 32x there system life. Sony has added their pr of future proof and 3d along with faster hz tbs now.

Oh we can not forget that the full power of the ps3 has not been taped right. I think this is what led to the disappointment in gt5. If a game in production for over 4 years can't do it then is it even possible?

Also when did an out side developer start getting paid to make games for nintendo, the 3ds tools actualy cost more than the wiu tools.

I think the debs comment is focused on what is the future. Move and kinect are not the future just look at who is developing for it almost no one yet the 3ds is actualy getting development from previous xbox and ps only developers that where not 1st party.

On top of this you'll see the power in the first wave of games from 3rd parties. Then youll see how the public feels about naked 3d. If that doesn't do it then a hd shader wise version of the da will.

Also the slider is actualy a very big deal. Feels like the evolution of the dpad.

ChickeyCantor2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Well i think he is talking more of the " 3D " functionality for games.

DORMIN2788d ago

Okay that was an unnecessary comment.

Anyways i'm looking forward to Megaman Legends 3, MGS3DS, SF4, Saints Row, Ocarina 3D, Kid Icarus, and all of the other awesome games already planned.

If they release all of those at launch, it will be one of the best launch line-ups ever!

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Merivigian2789d ago

Eh, I don't care. I'm getting both of them anyway.

Samus HD2788d ago

I buy only nintendo products :D

Unknow_Master2789d ago

dev know it gamers know it only fanboy dont

ZombieAssassin2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

What about move with a 65 inch 3D HDTV? /s

I personally think the 3DS will be nice but they are making the same mistake sony did with the psp2, they need 2 analog stick so the shooter junkies buy it up so they can play call of duty on the go.

digitaledge2788d ago

The original DS actually worked quite well with FPS games and it didn't have analogue, just the touch screen.

With the analogue slider on the 3DS combined with the touch screen, I think that it will work quite well.

AwesomeJizz2788d ago

People don't fucking understand that the 3DS doesn't need two analogue sticks!

NotChrisHansen2788d ago

do you mean that two analogue sticks are lamer than touch screen when playing? does that apply to the DS only or every portable game console?

mamotte2788d ago

"What about move with a 65 inch 3D HDTV? /s"

Hey! You look like you have money to spare! Can you buy me one of those? -sarcasm-

Sorry, but we poor people cant afford that to see 3D games

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