Salman Rushdie Proposes Dropping Nintendos On Iran Instead Of Bombs

Why use weapons of mass destruction like nuclear warheads when you can use weapons of mass distraction like game consoles? That's the theory proposed by famous novelist Salman Rushdie in an interview with Big Think.

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kancerkid2758d ago

Don't drop xbox's, they might RROD, causing WW3

Quagmire2758d ago

You do realise this guy is hated by many Muslims around the world, and has a fatwa, or Death Threat on his head for publishing a very controversial book in the 1980's which was insulting islam.

This guy was in hiding for a few years in fear for his life, so I wouldnt entirely believe anything this guy says.

kancerkid2758d ago

So we shouldn't believe him because people threatened to kill him? What?

Quagmire2757d ago

No, for the REASONS of people wanting to kill him.

hay2757d ago

He wrote a historical fiction based on Muhammad's life and muslims got pissed off.
It's like Christians would want to kill Fleming or Brady cause watermmoonwalking Jesus pissed them off on Hamlet 2.

yewles12758d ago

Used to have a copy of The Satanic Verses, I regret losing it.