How Polyphony Sucks Life Out Of GT5

CT: "We have had plenty of time taking Gran Turismo (GT5) cars out for a drive by now. We have received two patches, we got used to wait times and are impressed by the detail and realism of what was widely predicted to be Polyphony’s masterpiece. The expectations were stratospheric and GT5 managed to deliver on some, but not all of them. Our gripe with the game is a largely synthetic experience of attempted perfection that the lack of a critical excitement component that makes GT5 fun to play."

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kancerkid2605d ago

Hopefully, some patches will fix these obvious problems.

ExplosionSauce2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Geez, nothing is fun for this guy.

Come on, it's not as complex as he makes it seem. One of my friends never played a GT game before and gets through it pretty easily.

Also, we've seen progression in games before, just not in racing games as much, which is why I think that and leveling are an interesting idea.

If you're complaining about not being able to damage your car as much as you want to(aka on purpose) and can't be bothered to play long enough, then you probably shouldn't be playing a GT game.

UnoMoment02605d ago

As realistic as the game aims to forgets that the basic and core goal for any game is fun...simply put, this is not a fun game. It is a game for hardcore elitist that never smile and judge you for not playing until level 626 to unlock the realistic seat belt mini game

callahan092605d ago

I could not possibly disagree more. Everybody I know LOVES playing this game. It's unbelievably fun. I just don't get it, I have no idea what all these haters and critics are THINKING. I don't even like racing games, but this game is just an unbelievable good time to play. I love the feel of driving in this game. My father hates videogames in general, but he loves this game. He has a giddy, child-like smile on his face as he races around Madrid in a souped-up Mercedes. The game is MOST DEFINITELY "fun".

RememberThe3572605d ago

Maybe the difference is they like racing game to be arcade. I don't really like the Burnouts or Need for Speeds of the world, but maybe the people who like those game are to ones who don't like GT5. I'm speaking generally so obviously not everyone who loves arcade racers is going to hate GT5, but the things that many reviewers seem to hate on are the very things other seem to love or just don't care about at all.

nickjkl2605d ago

gran turismo is for people who brake

NFS etc people who dont brake understand now

acedoh2605d ago

GT5 is for those who loves cars and had dreams they could drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or any number of amazing cars that may cost more than a beautiful home. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of cars and more so what they would be like to drive. GT5 gives me that.

Dee_912605d ago

i agree that gt5 missed a few marks gt4 had problems i have with gt5

1.the game has so much potential but they didnt capitialize on it
like the paint chip idea couldve been great but only being ablle to use the chip once is just dumb llol
needs more race modifcation cars onlly 17 out of 1000 is almost pointless

2. not as many races as gt4. gt4 had races in the dealerships which was very fun also had more special event races.
not once did i ever think while playing gt4 " wow im almost finished" lol
but good thing is there is dlc the gen
so hopefully we get alot of dlc

nickjkl2604d ago

wait you know gran turismo 5 has more stuff than gran turismo 4 right

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hoops2605d ago

The game is great. Just because you do not want to put in the time does not mean the game is not fun.
Its a sim racer so it takes time and once you get into it, its fantastic.
To each their own but give the game a chance.

UnoMoment02605d ago

Has nothing to do with time. I put time into all games I play, I'm on my 80th hour on my 2nd ME2 Shepard and I intend on playing through all classes. I have well over 300 forza 2 hours and 100 forza 3. I've played heavenly sword 5 times, Completed Fable 2, 3 times...all these games have one thing that GT lacks for ME, fun factor. I don't want to wait until level 40 to start having fun with the AI

RememberThe3572605d ago

Your taking the statement too literally. If you don't have fun playing GT5 form the moment you start then the game isn't for you and you should probably trade it in.

I think the point of his statement go to how much people want to start off good at games. People like being good at stuff that is why many shooters use the same button layouts and similar sensitivities so that people can jump in and do really well. A game like GT5 is not going to be like that. There really isn't anything else like it, out side of the series, so the learning curve is a little high. Those people who are more concerned about being good eminently than getting better over time should understand that letting yourself get settles into how GT works and plays is one of the most rewarding feelings in gaming.

But, again, if you don't like the game from the moment you play it then just take it back because it's not for you. But if your willing to put in the time and love to race then GT5 is the game for you.

UnoMoment02605d ago

Wrong again. I don't need to be good from the start to enjoy a game, I suck at online Halo but darn it that stuff is addictive fun. Ninja Gaiden series is one of my favourites and it is known for being challenging. I've completed every single one

RememberThe3572605d ago

@UnoMoment0: Than I think it's clear that GT5 isn't a game for you. I was just playing it at my friends house and its just like all the other GT games; fun from the start. If you don't like it then don't play it. The people who do like it will enjoy it for what it is.

I gotta say nothing captures the thrill of the race like GT.

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facelike2605d ago

You and this opinion piece are wrong, you and this post doesn't speak for me nor most people who bought this game. This game is awesome, anyone in denial of this needs to STFU!

AceofStaves2605d ago

I enjoy the challenge of "GT 5," even though I'm not very good at the game. If it's not your type of game, that's fine, but some of us do find it to be a lot of fun.

I don't play FPS games, because they're not my thing. I wouldn't say they're not fun games, though, since millions of people enjoy them.

Generalizations are pointless.

Wh15ky2604d ago

You don't have a clue mate, this game is an absolute blast.
Try playing online with a few mates on the Go-karts, then come back and tell us that - "this is not a fun game".

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Next_Up2605d ago

GT5 is my GOTY and that's all that matters.

theonlylolking2605d ago

The game is awesome but has flaws. Remember its still the best racing game EVER.

Vesemir2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

All this focus on the negative points of GT5 makes me nauseated.
It only shows gamers are becoming less gamers at each passing generation.

Gamers are becoming complaining whores. They cannot even enjoy videogames any longer. All they care about is complaining about the most irrelevant of things.

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