Elder Scrolls V: Bethesda's Next Venture?

Ryan Hauser writes, "Since the arrival of the Xbox 360 the system has seen many great titles of across a vast amount of genres. The weakest and unfortunately my favorite, the RPG genre, is usually filled with JRPG’s that while may be intriguing, don’t really warrant a purchase. Bioware managed to spark a lot of intrigue with the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, but before those blockbuster titles, there was only one true RPG that stood with its head held high – Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Bethesda really stepped it up a notch with Oblivion. Words cannot describe how massive and in-depth the game really was. Bethesda paid attention to every little detail and did its best to make the game as expansive as it could be. Many fans were worried that another Elder Scrolls game would not appear as it has been so long since Oblivion’s inception."

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MrAwesome2642d ago

Agreed, also a better character builder and better third person view.

Lightsaber2642d ago

I hope they add mp to it. Something like a mini mmo (6-20 players) be cool get a group a friends together to take down a mob and do quest that you wouldnt be able to do solo

soundslike2642d ago

i'd prefer they kept the multiplayer, if any, instanced only so the open world doesn't take a hit in the graphics department

Darrius Cole2642d ago

No Multiplayer.

In fact I am against all the changes proposed in this article. Tweaking them a little bit would not hurt but they don't require major changes.

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Spydiggity2642d ago

If it's not an entirely new engine, i'm not interested.

theonlylolking2642d ago

I am just hoping its not crap like the last installment in the oblivion series.

soundslike2642d ago

morrowind did seem more "free" and less scared to experiment with crazy items

BeOneWithTheGun2642d ago

Title is misleading. It sounds like they have information on Bethesda's next game and all it is is an opinion on what the next ES should be like. Where is the [email protected]$#$#@$% confirmation that they ARE MAKING IT??????????

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falloutx2642d ago

I disagree with #4. "Remove/Change Weapon Degradation" I mean repairing a weapon is not a problem if you've mastered the repair skill, You only need 1 repair hammer in your hot key no problem.

falloutx2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I just had an idea what if the next Elder Scrolls had some events like in Fallout New Vegas, For example like in New Vegas you could heal some characters if you had enough Medicine skill or like when you could repair the elevator, something like that should be incorporated to the next Elder Scrolls like healing people provided if you have the right amount of healing magic.

Arup022642d ago

I hope they'll change the engine

sharif6992642d ago

crossing my fingers legs arms eyes and toes. Hopefully they do

ZombieAssassin2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

The only reason i'm hoping they haven't started development on this game yet is so they can use the Rage engine when it's done. Their current engine doesn't seem all that well.

troll2642d ago

Bethesda has debunked the rumours of TES:V using the Rage engine and with good reasons. It's impressive but it isn't built with large open environments in mind. Also, if my memory doesn't fail me, Rage engine requires pre-set lighting so no dynamic lighting and shadows would be possible.

I'm not fond of GameBryo engine, so here's hoping for an in-house developed engine to suit their needs.

troll2642d ago

EDIT: Sorry, I thought you meant Id's Tech5 engine for their game Rage. If you're talking about Rockstars RAGE engine please disregard my previous statement.

thesithfreak2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

i would like the world to feel a little more varied and expansive. give me a mountain to cross at least, i want the feeling that i traveled to a far off land, a journey. the fact that i can hop across cyrodill in 20 minutes or less, takes me out of the experience.

also, a better horse riding system, somehow make the grass and objects render in a little further away, and i didn't realize it till i played demon's souls and went back to oblivion, but the combat is awful clunky.

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