Kinect sells 2.5 Million in first 25 days

Earlier this month we announced that Kinect hit the million mark in 10-days. We got some new numbers to share: With the help of Black Friday last week, Kinect has now sold over 2.5 Million units around the world.

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Congratulations Microsoft.

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On a serious note. Is this Sold or shipped? I know he said sold but as somebody questioned it?

SmokeyMcBear2604d ago

anyone thinking that a report from microsoft, sony, or nintendo reports anything but shipped is delusional. Microsoft, sony, or nintendo do not receive sales reports from companies. they have their own numbers of what was produced, and sent to retailers, thats it.

facelike2604d ago

It's for sure sold.
It says in there "retail sales"

It's exactly the start they needed, and it will most likely propel them to Dec 25th. Good job Microsoft, not don't forget the people who help you get to where you are, hardcore gamers.

SWORDF1SH2604d ago

Well thats impressive numbers for sold units then.

ryuzu2604d ago

Well it's almost the same numbers as Move - and that was described as a flop by some people here....


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randomwiz2604d ago


Units shipped to retailers are going to be sold at one point or another!

Oner2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

I've said it before and will say it again.

How is it that I (or ANYONE for that matter) can go online RIGHT NOW to a place like BestBuy and in REAL TIME search for an item, see if it's in stock, at either SPECIFIC or DIFFERENT stores and go buy my intended item in store, for it to then reflect my purchase on the same website that I was just searching?!?!?

But yet SOMEWAY, SOMEHOW, there are people who STILL believe it's not at all possible for companies to track "Sell Through" purchases? My example is 100% PROOF that it can be done! With simple Cloud Computing utilizing Barcode Sales Tracking.

Seriously...Open your eyes, stop being ignorant & grasp some understanding of what is absolutely capable. Get with the times people, I mean FFS it's 2010! Use some common sense and logic already.

jack_burt0n2604d ago

SmokeyMcBear pls sir can i have some me bubs back :(

Lightsaber2604d ago

Wow thats impressive and still got a month to go before x mas they might actually break the 5 million mark before the end of the year. However I'm guessing 4-4.5 million by the end of the year

beardpapa2604d ago

these things sell like hotcakes. can't find em in target or bb. they have the bundles but i already have an xbox and just need the kinect.

Exhaust2604d ago

@ Oner

That's a great point. Only thing I can think of being devils advocate is that the sell through data is fragmented by retailer and the retailers' willingness to provide the data. Maybe they do have deals where they get the sell through data back from at least the major major retailers so they know a good chuck.

But I totally agree the data is out there just as your example shows.

Captain Tuttle2604d ago

Whenever anyone buys a 360 the retailer scans a bar code and the info is sent to MS. Each 360 has a unique one. MS does this to verify the date of purchase for their warranty program. It's why you don't need to produce a receipt when you send it in under warranty to be repaired. When you give the consoles serial number to MS over the phone they know when it was purchased and from what store.

Same with Kinect. This is how they know the number sold to consumers.

Oner2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Absolutely excellent point Captain. Just another way to show how "Sell Through" CAN be tracked no matter who says the opposite.

@ Exhaust ~ TY. I agree as well that this is not for ALL retailers but for damned sure the BIG ones that can provide daily, weekly, monthly trends.

Edit: Disagree all you want (who ever you may be) because you have nothing of real value to say to prove what was said wrong ;)

Britainz-Fin3st2604d ago

Although i think it is quite easily possible for companies like Microsoft and Sony to track sales data sold quite acuratlely, like someone already said MS know your date of purchase through your serial number so could easily track them, same as with the PS3, dont know about the Wii.

My point however is both companies want to say they have sold X amount of consoles.
They most probably somewhere have information stating how much shipped and how much sold, but if your a big credible company the chances are you will want to say your console has Shipped 10million consoles as opposed to sold 8 million, imo as long as these companies shipp the units, there as good as sold and people shouldnt even be whining about shipped/sold. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO YOUR SAD LITTLE LIFE.

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Hands Up For Games2604d ago

I just wanted to point out all the deleted comments.

There's nothing like Kinect to get people all upset and angry, not even a GT5 review (good or bad) ; )

*this goes for both 'sides'*

Moentjers2604d ago

you should be upset by the kinect success. for the momont it is only good for very casual gaming. guess what ms and the devs main target is for the next years ? easy money.

but yes, it has a lot of potential...

HolyOrangeCows2604d ago

No doubt 1/2 of them are give aways.

Lightsaber2604d ago

No sh!t you think. Its x mas people buy gifts to give to friends and family.

HolyOrangeCows2604d ago

Give Aways, not "gifts"

You know, like Burger King giving them away every 15 minutes?

Triella2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Most possibly just yesterday I was listening to a popular local station in France and they where also giving away kinect bundles.

gamingdroid2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Giving something away doesn't constitute a sale. MS is a publicly traded company, I doubt there is any legitimacy to your comment.

Then again you are just trolling as usual in the Xbox 360 news section. Scurry away please!

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8-bit2604d ago

Why does MS advertise shipped units as sold... Why...

gamer20102604d ago

All companies report the numbers of units they have sold to retailers, since that is all that matters from their point of view. Sales to retail are what all companies report as sales.

Why would they report how many units retailers sold to customers (even if it were possible) when that is not what the company or its stock holders care about?

moparful992604d ago

Gamer you're an idiot...

Britainz-Fin3st2604d ago

Shipped, Sold who cares
Are you suggesting that the companies like BB or Walmart or Game wont buy more?
Suggesting what they have bought will last, because they wont... They will just by more,
Take numbers with a grain of salt, i thought we were games not analysts.

This has just give me an idea for a new site.
N4A - analysts, maybe we could have a comment section back.

JokesOnYou2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

move also counts every individual "unit" as a sale, therefore the actual install base for move into individual homes is undeniably lower than the total number of move "units" sold vs kinect which sales 1 per unique consumer.

Also sony clarified the move sales as being "shipped" to retailers that means we have no idea how many are actually sold worldwide, same as micro, the only time the data they have is actual sales to consumers is when they receive data from independent sources like NPD, mediacreate, chart-track, small businuess firms who track retail data in different places around the world.

moparful992604d ago

No jokes you've got this alllll wrong.. First of all companies can and do track sold through to customers.. They have too and I'll explain why.. 1st when companies ship units to warehouses and retail stores they still have to pay merch taxes that is unless they are in a warehouse that is in a port authority.. But when a unit just sits in a warehouse the company loses money.. Most retailers create projections based on selling trends and they order units accordingly. There is rarely ever a surplus stock of a product to mitigate loses.. Secondly retailers send their record of sales to companies to help them figure out how many units they need to produce to stay ahead of demand.. Its a delicate balance of sales vs projected sales and if you dont have accurate pictures of how products are selling you can't adjust ouput and you either end up with a shortage or an overabundance of product forcing you to cut back on labor, putting people out of work, having to figure out how to get rid of the overstock, losing money on products just sitting and so on... I've been in both retail and manufacturing and I can attest to the importance of knowing exactly how much you sell of your product... You armchair experts make me laugh, you sit here and act like you know what you are talking about and you clearly don't have any idea...

gamingdroid2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Furthermore, a retailer is able to activate digital content on the spot. Why wouldn't retailers be able to track something as simple as a sold item?

oohWii2604d ago

The article said that Kinect was backed by a 500M budget. It never said that 500M was spend on marketing for Kinect. It's amazing how some of you trolls will grasp any straw you can to support your cause.

If it makes you feel better about your purchase to say Kinect used 500M on marketing then go right ahead.

Look at all the money you parents spend on you in you lives and look I that has turn out for them...j/k

Anon19742604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Well I'll be damned. I didn't think either Kinect or Move would be able to seriously break one million before the end of the year. Mind you, I'm still mystified why anyone would buy a Wii at $180 when a 360 arcade is $200 and a vastly superior game console in my opinion. Personally, I know one person that bought Kinect for Dance Central but other than that I don't actually know anyone who has the slightest interest in either of these. I guess Sony and Kinect know their market. These are aimed directly at kids and they're both selling. Go figure. Furby's were once all the rage too, and I never understood the appeal of those either.

I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about the appeal of Move and Kinect. I couldn't understand how someone would look at either of those, compare them to the price of the Wii console with Mario happily waving back at them and not go with a Wii if they were interested in casual games. I still don't pretend to understand it, but I was wrong none the less.

Mustang300C20122604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Because you continue to think consumers are robots. You keep talking about cost of the Wii in comparision. You don't fully understand the market as you try and claim u do.

jwk942604d ago

Well I wasn't expecting this, good job Microsoft.

Mizz_mai2604d ago

SHIPPED lol....nah congrats for "selling" so many unit's in just the EU & U.S....nah this sounds like BS hate me now but love me later when MS quotes this same figure again next month

vhero2604d ago

Same numbers as Move in the first month with half a billion advertising? I would say MS won't be as happy as you may think considering the little Sony put on advertising for MOVE and got the same results.. 2.5 million with too much money though that's what I think as no matter how great it may be I still think its too overpriced to go mass market and go head to head with the Wii. I can get 2 preowned wiis or a new one with 2 games for the same price as 1 kinect without a console...

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kenmid2604d ago

nice numbers, they can sell another 2.5 million in december

RememberThe3572604d ago

Definitely. I guess this motion thing is here to stay.

mugoldeneagle032604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Even though I don't prefer motion control, it's looking like it is. The weird thing though is thinking about how it will be present in the next line of consoles, everyones different.

Wii 2- Will almost certainly have motion control much like the Wii

PS4 - Has the option of keeping the Move around as a peripheral, another version of it, or something completely new

720 - Kinect 2? Or upgraded versions? Who knows

My point is it's going to be very interesting to see what happens next generation. I think both Move and Kinect are solid options, but just how long will this generation last? 2-3 years? And will MS or Sony abandon them for something new?

I actually find myself interested more in what will happen than motion gaming now. Can't wait to see how things play out

(Console Names Pending)

ct032604d ago

They're going to shoot well past the target of 5 million unless they can't produce enough units.

Lightsaber2604d ago

Maybe but they make it to 4 million easy.

vhero2604d ago

I doubt it very rarely does something sell as well after launch week/month as the main adopters are usually the earlier adopters unless it gets a rehash e.g. Xbox 360S/PS3 Slim. Most them 2.5 million were in the first week and they will never sell as many as launch week in any other week. Especially now Black Friday is over.

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