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Eurogamer Denmark have been playing GT5 for some days now - to level 20 in A-Spec (and 10 in B-Spec) and are ready with a preliminary verdict of Kazunori Yamauchis latest automotive dreamscape.

The resulting five page review was done using a G27 steering wheel.

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yoghurt2729d ago

level 20 is still really early

when they say preliminary review, I do hope they actually mean they will give it a full review once they have reached the more advanced physics and damage etc....

FishCake9T42729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

How many GTFanboys are gonna use that "its still too early" excuse.
The fact is if he played A-Spec only he could have gotten really far by level 20 as you dont level up that fast (compared to doing the special events), you would know that if you actually played the game. A friend of mine is level 14 and has completed 29% of the game which is enough IMO to give a review.

PirateThom2729d ago

I respect this review, Level 20 in A-Spec and 10 in B-Spec shows comittment to the game and a good review, especially as they are using the G27.

Game-ur2729d ago

"..Level 20 in A-Spec and 10 in B-Spec shows comittment to the game and a good review"


hoops2729d ago

Unless this game gets a 10/10, many on N4G.COM won't respect the review and call it in question

el zorro2729d ago

And when reviewers slap a high score on the game I hear virtually nobody crying that they didn't spend enough time with it.

It's a damn good game, guys. Let's just admit that there was way too much trash talk directed at competing games and too much hype in general, acknowledge the game is a great game many people will really enjoy, and then move on.

Sunny_D2729d ago

The difference with this review though is that the reviewer spent a good amount of time on the game(much longer than other reviewers and even used a G27), and since he played it more than enough, and he still thinks it's an 8/10, then I'm fine with that.

It's just irritating when reviewers don't even play a game for more than 1/5th of it and think they should review it and completely lie about features because they barely played it.

SoapShoes2729d ago

Yeah but at least Polyphony didn't trash talk Forza... The same can't be said about Turn 10.

IQUITN4G2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Some of the people commenting in GT5's defence over the lower scored reviews should probably just stick to playing the game they are currently loving

It's not like only a few reviews are marking this game down to a still respectable 86 average.If you love GT then of course you will rate GT5 as a 10/10 game but that doesn't mean there isn't issues.It's easy to see past flaws if you love a franchise but it doesn't mean those flaws aren't there

The flaws so far mentioned sound to be very reasonable criticisms

el zorro2729d ago

Exactly. There are many games that received 7s and 8s from most reviewers that are basically 9+ games to me simply because they struck a chord with me and I find the positives far outweigh the negatives. But that doesn't mean that all those other people are wrong and I am right.

blasian2729d ago

Good review he definitely played enough to give a in depth review.

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