Halo: Reach's Mutli-Player Is Colossally Epic

NextGN writes: "Halo: Reach’s multi-player mode completely eclipsed Call of Duty: Blacksops (See video to understand this silliness). It is so epic, in fact, that you could make an entire movie with epic game-play that you could watch it over, over, and over again. I am sure many of you who already own Halo: Reach concur and have also experienced some excruciatingly epic titty-twisting excitement through the curse of your online careers."

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SodoBot2788d ago

LMFAO! I pissed my pants watching that video! The MP looks like a blast! :D

BrownRanger2788d ago

No product placement? LOL! Man, I got a major case of nostalgia from watching that video. Bubble Bobble. Wow!

Kitchen_Sink2788d ago


No kidding! I want that version of the song. Great vid, by the way.

FiLTHY ESKiMO2788d ago


I had that game on my old NES and I figured out a glitch cheat all by myself. If you pressed start and select twice or three times in a row you turned invincible. :)

Game-ur2788d ago

Battlefield for grownups, Halo and COD for 12 year olds.

Too bad Reach had too many holes in it, its obvious Bungie were distracted buy their Activision deal.

XRider2787d ago

Game-ur why do you only have one bubble?

Oh wait

gamer20102787d ago

Because he is a mindless troll that automatically hates on anything related to the Xbox 360.

He probably just sucks at Halo. Personally I can play Battlefield AND Halo equally well. Neither game is any more hardcore or "grown up" than the other. What a joke.

vanquisher2787d ago

You have to admit, it silly for adults to play blue vs. red power rangers, but I get it's made for kids.

Anyway BFBC has a lot of skilled kids, but it difficult to make them follow a plan.

el zorro2787d ago

Oh so Halo is kiddie because of the colors? In that case Uncharted 2 is also for kids.

The gameplay is deep and well balanced. That is what makes it a great game.

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UnbiasedTroll2788d ago

Halo is utmost the multiplayer king. Everyone should try it. It still remains unrivalled to multiplayer experience. After you experience it any other mp games you play wont feel as exciting.

Ducky2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Tribes... UT...
Quake... Quake... Quake...

Quack Quack Quack
*waddles away*

BYE2787d ago

That's your opinion UnbiasedTroll, I think the older Battlefield games on PC, Team Fortress 2 and L4D2 are much more fun.

vanquisher2787d ago

I love it just for the single player, but multi is meh, but that’s just my opinion.

KillerCucumber2787d ago

Still waiting a good Counter-Strike to console port. Now, that would be awesome.

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KillerCucumber2787d ago

I am never the one doing anythign awesome in the game. I always the one who gets owned in some awesome way. I want to be the cool kid! :(

SuggestionBoy2788d ago

Still doesn't compare to Warhawk! :)

LittleBigHalo2788d ago

I love them both. Can't really compare them :P Halo is one of my favorite games of all time... so is LBP2 and he said something about giving away limited edition copies! :D :D

UnbiasedTroll2788d ago

Hey i never played warhawk is it still alive or good? it looked fun. Should be cheap in the bargin bin.

-Alpha2788d ago

It's very much alive but only the veterans seem to play. Unfortunately a lot of servers may be blocked out for newbies so good luck because the people playing now are way too good

theonlylolking2788d ago

It is almost no different than halo 1, halo 2, and halo 3. Which is why everyone I know stopped playing all the halos.

Trytobee12788d ago

And every COD are basically the same too.

But Halo and COD are still the best selling and most online played games this gen.

UnoMoment02788d ago

Also the most critically acclaimed

FiLTHY ESKiMO2787d ago

CoD needs vehicles. The run and gun thing is becoming old. Sure, it's fun but it gets boring too quickly.

SpartanPrince2788d ago

Are people still here trolling halo? Now i'll admit that im a hardcore playstation fan and no i dont like the xbox(not the xbox itself but microsofts decisions with it) but why troll halo? Honestly it looks like the best fps to come out in a long while(tho it may have many flaws idk i havent been following it). I dont kno any game with that many customizations, firefight, co-op, theater mode, weapons, etc. Honestly if youre a gamer and you constantly troll halo than you cant call yourself a gamer, just a troll :/

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poopface12788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I hated xbox 1 when it first came out because I thought HALO was going to be on PC. But then I got one with halo shortly after and loved halo.

People can argue that halo has had many of those features before, but reach is a new game and has the most modes of any halo by far. And features halo has had since 2, like online splitscreen with different profiles, only a few games are starting to do this.

You can also create your own maps in co-op mode too for an endless amount of maps. Since the resources for the maps are on everyone disk already, the maps are only measured in kbs, so you can get them instantly and they take up no room on memory.

Arup022788d ago

Amazing, a article talking about halo and few trollers. Let's hope it stay that way

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