Jaffe Confirms Server Lists for Twisted Metal

This morning I asked David Jaffe (the co-creator of Twisted Metal) if the new PS3 iteration would have old school server lists for mulitplayer or new school matchmaking? Server lists have been very popular for more hardcore multiplayer games, i.e, Socom and Counterstrike. But with the Halo's and the Call of Duty's being so popular with their "matchmaking" option, I wondered what Twisted Metal would have.

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-Alpha2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Much like Warhawk, which, by the way, still has a strong community after 3 years.

Big fan of Twisted Metal, online is going to be amazing.

soundslike2762d ago

get ready for that one OP weapon/car that everyone hates lol

i hope they bring back the button combos for the special moves like jump/ice missile

left right left right UP! seee yaaaaaaa

vickers5002762d ago

I wish every game had server lists. Especially a game like Call of Duty so I wouldn't have to play on some crappy or small map that I didn't want to.

Not that it wasn't already before, but Twisted Metal is becoming a day one buy even more.

-Alpha2762d ago


I'm sure that they confirmed the removal of combos. They are now mapped to the controller for easier use

mugoldeneagle032762d ago

And maybe this is just the SOCOM fanboy in me lashing out, but I love picking where I want to play and which game. I know it's slower and more of a pain sometimes, but you run into a lot less problems gameplay & player wise than you do in matchmaking. And it's a lot easier for your friends to join, especially if party systems don't work until they're patched

Darkfocus2762d ago

It would be really sweet if he made it mod capable like unreal 3 too. Mods plus dedicated servers=epic win.

NegativeCreepWA2762d ago

I think games should use both, matchmaking for ranked games and a server list for custom match's.

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mrv3212762d ago

Does anyone think that picture is pretty awesome.

His eyes say 'Yeah I caused the snow, got a problem with it'

MGRogue20172762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

... I don't know man, He looks pretty pissed off to me. lol

DoomeDx2762d ago

Its snowing over there!
sorry, offtopic.

soundslike2762d ago

matchmaking just streamlines the most generic game modes...

since its twisted metal I would imagine theres plenty of match settings to mess with, weapon pickups, max players etc.

having both options, matchmaking and lists, seems ideal though. Can't wait to see how this game turns out.

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The story is too old to be commented.