Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Requires Firmware 6.36

Somehow the game of Monster Hunter Portable 3 was leaked in Japan. The original released date is December 1st.

The game is requiring the firmware 6.36 to run and it is not available to download at the official PSP website. The new firmware 6.36 update includes inside the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd‘s UMD.

Do you still remember the game of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep? The game required firmware 5.55 to run where the firmware wasn’t available to download. I guess that we have to update our PSP’s firmware in order to get this game to runs.

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Quagmire2764d ago

Playstation 3 requires Monster Hunter game.

Unknow_Master2764d ago

yeah but the wii already has it!
and its fuuun

2763d ago
Theodore872763d ago

I think it's the other way around. PS3 has so many great games coming out already and the system is only getting more popular by the second. MH wouldn't stand a chance.

Redempteur2763d ago

My ps3 doesn't require monster hunter ..
i have white knight ..

ANd yes both have similar gameplay mecanics .

Quartx2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

One is a time-turn based rpg, the other is full action....

Don't knock MH.

Redempteur2763d ago

well besides the time turn , and action part , you do the same things ( online ) with them both

SonyNGP2763d ago

I'll wait until it's compatible with whatever CFW my PSP has.