Kinect hacked to play Minecraft

"Earlier today, we learned that a hacked Kinect can play Super Mario Bros. That's cool and all, but can it play indie sandbox game Minecraft? Yes. Yes it can."

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ArtsyGamer2699d ago

All these hacks do is just illustrate further how inaccurate Kinect is and how at least with games that exist so far, it is not a decent controller.

Dramscus2699d ago

It only needs hd resolution and 60 fps and it'll be awesome. Lacking that though yeah it's got some problems.

Imagine if it had those things. It would be able to tell individual fingers apart.

Nathaniel_Drake2699d ago

It will also cost more than $150

Fanb0y2699d ago

An HD resolution for the camera would be unnecessary and probably kick the price of Kinect up to 250 bucks.

Granted, it can use a better resolution. Something around 500p?

And 60fps is also not needed. The software should be able to figure out where the body parts are in between those frames.

HolyOrangeCows2699d ago

This just goes to show how "becoming the controller" only over-complicates things that are quite simple with a controller or M/kb.

xtremeimport2699d ago

only one problem.

i'd still rather use a mouse and keyboard/controller.

motion can suck my nuts, im a gamer which means im lazy, which means this stuff is cool at first, but after an hour of playing, i want to sit back and rest.

iceman29292699d ago

not that I enjoy this whole motion control thing , but...
I will tell a quick little story.
One time I was playing Halo, and my mom brings me the phone saying its for me. So I hand her the controler and say " this stick is to move your head (right thumbstick) and this is to control the directional movement of your body. just run around so im not an easy target. She ended up looking at the floor or the sky most of the time.

The point is, keyboards and controllers seem intuitive and easy to us, but to a large portion of the population its not. Using your body as a controller may not be precise, but for a lot of people its just naturally easier to understand.

xtremeimport2699d ago

but thats why motion is for casual gamers.
i would consider myself a hardcore gamer...i dislike that MS is turning its back on the same audience that made them what they are today.

zagibu2698d ago

That's how every business works. You get it running by selling to a hardcore crowd that is really passionate about your products, use them as marketing mules, and as soon as the mainstream crowd starts to notice your stuff, you focus on them. You might lose all of the initial buyers, but you will sell much more.

It works, because the mainstream crowd doesn't actually want good stuff, they just want shiny new shit.

multipayer2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Can't we just get a "kinect hacked to be used as a keyboard input" article and let it be. Isn't this almost like using motionjoy and xpadder, and saying you hacked each individual game to use a ps3 controller. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, make it work with super punchout or dolphin already. Dumbest hackers evar!!!

Parapraxis2699d ago

The best thing about these hacks is what sort of ides it could give developers.
I'm not keen on Kinect in the least, but some of it's implications by do-it-yourself homebrew guys have been pretty cool.

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