Square Enix Dominates Want List For PS3 Remakes of PlayStation Classics

Andriasang: With their low resolutions and framerates, even the finest PlayStation classics can be difficult to play today. But what if you could play some of those classics fully remade with PlayStation 3 level visuals?

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DaThreats2790d ago

Wada loves $$
So wat u waitin 4..make the remakes!
But PS3 exclusive..dnt let it be limited and ur fans will love u again

Billy_Dee_Williams2790d ago

I tend to prefer it when games are exclusive. It allows the developer to really get the most out of whichever console they choose.

AndrewRyan2790d ago Show
AAACE52790d ago

And I came here to say they should remake some of their old games until they figured out where they wanted to take the series...

You guys still holding on to that multiplat shit? Probably still think Ps3 games use 50 Gb's of data as well huh?

GT 5 used 20 Gb's, Uncharted 2 used 23 Gb's, and the absolute biggest Ps3 game data usage was God of War 3 with 40 Gb's! On average, most games used under 20 Gb's... so why are you guys complaining?

I know you complained about FFXIII because you said stuff had to be taken out so it would fit on the 360, but SE said a while before the game was even announced for the 360 that they would try to appeal to a western audience... at what point did you not realize that they meant the game was going to be more linear?

You complained about towns, but all you did with towns in the past games was save, talk to people and occasionally find a hidden item. Towns slow down a game and I started to hate stopping in them. But that's just me.

Another thing people complained about was not being able to revisit areas... my answer to that is, if you enjoyed the area that much... you should have never went forward and stayed there! The experience isn't meant to last forever, and if you enjoyed it that much, just play the game again or play an MMO!

DORMIN2790d ago

FF7 Remake = Me sh*tting pants

FF6 Remake = Me sh*tting pants and c*mming

visualb2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

@ billy

I can agree and disagree with you

i'd say it depends on the game

some multiplats are great! yet other games are best remained exclusive to the platform

i like them both =) but exclusives matter a lot, especially when you consider their quality.

in this case, obviously make it exclusive.

@DORMIN - lets hope you don't find out about them in public then =|....

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JD_Shadow2790d ago

Yeah, because we know full well how FF13 turned out when it was multiplat. Nothing was taken out of the game for...oh, wait...

RedDead2790d ago

Not even that segment that was taken coulda saved that terrible game

ThanatosDMC2790d ago

Gameplay shortcuts were just plain terrible especially some of the characters.

NegativeCreepWA2790d ago

Sorry, what was taken out exactly? Come back with some proof of that instead of making stuff up. It would of been the same game either way.

oldjadedgamer2790d ago


Not saying that the game would have been any more fun to play, but the team had stated that they did have to cut stuff.

There have been links in the past to the quotes, but if you are too lazy to look it up, so am I.

NegativeCreepWA2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Every game has content cut from it, show me link that says it was due to the 360. A link from a dev saying it.

DeadIIIRed2790d ago

@ Negative

Are you new to this site or did you just forgot about the endless stream of stories submitted on the matter before FFXIII was released? Makes me wonder if everyone will eventually forget the terrible GT5 reviews someday.

NegativeCreepWA2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I've been here for to long, And all I remember is a bunch of bull stories making stuff up, never once did a Dev say the 360 held the PS3 version back. Content was cut from the game according to to the Dev's it was a balance and design choice which happens with nearly every game released.

People just need something to blame FFXIIIs failure on. I've been here long enough to see FF XIII be the greatest game ever to being nothing in the eyes of Sony fans. All it took was for it to be announced for the 360. Thats the problem with fanboys there loyalties lie with the console maker not Dev's that make the games the like. FFXIII was one of the main reasons I bought a PS3, I didn't throw a fit about it, I figured what hell let more people have a chance to play one of the greatest RPG series ever. Just turned out it live up to the series standards in some areas. Multi-plat or not Square enix has lost its magic.

DeadIIIRed2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I do remember the producer Kitase mentioning in an interview that Japanese voice option had to be cut and so did an amusement park area and a few other areas due to the size constraint of the DVD.

Wasn't a big fan of this game mainly because of the characters and voice acting (Vanille made sex sounds anytime she moved which convinced my girlfriend that I was playing a porn game) and I highly doubt that what was allegedly cut could have made up for it.

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ChrisW2790d ago

Yup. One main reason why those Final Fantasy games are on the list is because the most recent ones aren't as rememberable.

vickers5002790d ago

I want Dragon Quest 8. It was the only JRPG I've ever liked.

thorstein2790d ago

It is PS2. I don't know if a remake is needed. I have backwards compatibility and still play it. Wonderful game!!!

But, I would L O V E to see some DQ love, especially the early ones (and I am not just talking the DS converts here.) Course they were called Dragon Warrior way back when.

vickers5002790d ago

Doesn't need to be remade, just remastered. The game has a beautiful art design, but it would be even more amazing if it was anti-aliased and got rid of the jaggies.

jwk942790d ago

I remember playing the demo for dq8, it was so much fun, id love a remake/remastered version.

256bit2790d ago

...a ps classic on xbox?...ROFL!!!

MRMagoo1232790d ago

but the problems they would face trying to get a psone games to run at a decent frame rate on the 360 let alone trying to fit it on the 360s dvds would be too much for them to handle, but if they can manage it and keep the games like ff8 as good looking as they where we could have one of the 360s best looking games coming up.

specialguest2790d ago

It's amazing how the cut scenes from FF8 could be reproduced as real-time or better with this current console gen hardware capabilities.

thesummerofgeorge2789d ago

FFVIII would have to be at the top of my list too. I don't know if SE has what it takes anymore, but if they do, I think a remake could be awesome.

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NovusTerminus2790d ago

I just want Legend of the Dragoon. PLEASE!

DaBadGuy2790d ago

My god I've been screaming about it since I joined this site!

Legend of Dragoon 1 re-release or god-willing Legend of Dragoon 2.

The re-release would be great, but Legend of Dragoon 2 would be amazing.

Rai2790d ago

yeah..your looking at the wrong gotta tell sony to remake that.

NovusTerminus2790d ago

I know that. But this was an overall PS1 remakes list.

Nate-Dog2790d ago

FFVIII at the top? Surprised myself from the different views I've heard of it. Still have to play it myself, played VII and IX, bout time I hit up that PS store for it!

UP2790d ago

It is good. If you can not stand romance though do not buy it. In my opinion it is better then seven.

ThanatosDMC2790d ago

FF8 > FF7

I still dont understand why people like FF7 over FF8, but i did play FF8 first and became overly biased because of it. Triple Triad FTW!

theusedfake2790d ago


I thought I was the only person that thought that lol
it was an absolutely amazing game

SaiyanFury2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )


Yeah I have to side with you, by and large. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore VII and will always be a cherished favourite, but I did and still do prefer VIII over it. I just found the story more appealing and I loved the characters. Just entire game I found more engrossing. I never did get that far into IX, I don't know why. Maybe I should go back and give it another look. :P

Also, does this genuinely surprise anyone? An entire generation of JRPGs that are arguably some of the best in history, the original PS was amazing for that reason alone. Let alone the other amazing genres it had. I miss those days when I could anticipate any truly great traditional JRPG.

MRMagoo1232790d ago

I love 8 more than any other game i have ever played and that song makes me go mushy called "eyes on me" or something like that the feelings this game gives you is better than alot of movies.

SaiyanFury2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


I also miss SquareSoft, one of the best developers of a bygone generation.


Agreed 100%. Eyes On Me also made tears well up in my eyes when I heard it, I felt like a huge pussy. I guess that's the effect a great story and great characters can have on someone when they're well done. Can't say I've had the same experience recently.

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Arksine2790d ago

When you look at the poll's demographic, its not surprising. As stated above, FF8 is a romance, and the majority of the people polled were female.

That said, FF8 was a very well done game, and very deserving of a remake. The only thing it lacks in comparison to FF7 is the star power of a Cloud or Sephiroth.

Buffniceguy2790d ago

I would not mind a FFVIII remake AT ALL balamb garden HD for the win.

Rai2790d ago

I would love to see FF8 remake it was my favorite FF8 im surprised it beat out FF7 on that list.