A Few Reasons Why Mark Wahlberg Could Ruin The Uncharted Franchise

Cinema Blend "There’s very little hope that the Uncharted movie won’t suck and there’s even less hope with Wahlberg being in the lead role, and here’s a few reasons why..."

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-Alpha2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Think this will suck?

Shadow of the Colossus movie. Enough said.

If I want an Uncharted movie I think I'll just play the game.

Personally a Halo movie sounds better-- especially seeing those CGI ads for Reach.

Problem with something like a SoTC movie is that if it mimics the game too much it's pointless but if it does something different then people will say that it will be inferior to the original. Personally I don't think a masterpiece like SoTC should be ruined by Hollywood.

With a Halo movie, or any other game with a scope like that they have a better and bigger scope to work with.

But even then, movies and games rarely mix well, unless they are handed to good producers/writers. In which case SoTC, at least to my knowledge, is screwed.

I just grow excited in the prospects of these two arts borrowing from each other. Movies these days can learn a lot from games and vice versa, but they just aren't being done right.

Balt 2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I'd laugh if Mark Wahlberg was cast as lead in that one too. Classic.

Theoneneo812702d ago

this will suck why this wont suck why dont we stop making these lame a$$ articles and just wait till the movie is out. This is why the video game blogosphere is a joke.

holdmedownma20082702d ago

Everything hollywood touches is automatically turned to crap. Besides why make a Uncharted movie, when I can already play it.

UnbiasedTroll2702d ago

Uncharted 2 - BEST PS3 GAME EVER.

Just playing it was a unbelievable cinematic experience.

Music - Awesome
Graphics - Awesome
Characters - Awesome
Gameplay- Awesome
Story - Awesome

Whole package was near flawless. Hope they don't make a crappy movie game out of it.

metsgaming2702d ago

everything that goes into a making a game Ex, music graphics etc. Uncharted did great on every aspect. The only fault i would say is ND messing with the game with to many firmware updates. They messed with the difficutly and tweaked the game play, both in a negative way. I played on normal took a few shots and was nearly dead i thought i had it on hard but no they just changed the game.

Axecution2702d ago


WhaaAAAA? Uncharted 2 was waaaay easier than the first one. I platinumed both, and i still have a lot of trouble in certain areas of Drake's Fortune on crushing.
I ran through Uncharted 2 on crushing no problem. Only times i really died was by falling, for the most part.

lol i have no idea what you're talking about mang. xD Uncharted 2 wasn't a particularly 'hard' game. >.>

Rich16312702d ago

Still don't know why they didn't just go with Nolan North as Drake. He looks just like him, he already does the voice, and knows the character back and forward. Plus, his performance in both of the games is downright incredible.

Saint-Revlot2702d ago

Because Nolan North is working on Uncharted 3. ;)

BrianC62342702d ago

Because Hollywood makes movies to bring in big crowds and to do that you need a big name. They obviously don't care what gamers think.

SpartanPrince2702d ago

um...because Nolan is too old? He wont be able to do the acrobatics. Nathon Fillion ftw

jony_dols2702d ago

If it wasn't going to be my 1st choice Nathan Fillion,
then I would have liked to have seen Ryan Reynolds play
Nathan. He has the looks, wit, star power & acting credentials to take over the role.

Marky Mark mightn't be a failure.
People must remember that David O Russell is a very competent director, and he has squeezed out the 3 best performances of Wahlberg's career (so far). Also the prospect of a Pesci & De Niro reunion is also something to potentially look forward to.

Russell has surrounded himself with some of Hollywood's top producers, and not to mention, he has the full financial backing of Sony, because not only is there a possible movie franchise on the line, but also if it is the first good video game film adaption, it would be a huge boost for not only the Uncharted series but for the Playstation brand.

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holdmedownma20082702d ago

I rather a non-famous actor than Marky-Mark. Do you guys remember the poor performance he did in Max Payne? I don't see why it would be any difference now.

dkgshiz2702d ago

Did you see his really shitty performance in The Happening? Probably the worst acting Ive ever seen. He was good in The Departed.

Rich16312702d ago

I love the "What!...No!" line in The Happening. His delivery was so bad.

vickers5002702d ago

Lmao, I forgot just how bad the acting was in that. Thanks for the lol.

-Gespenst-2702d ago

He was good in the Departed and he was also excellent in Boogie Nights. I don't know what to think of the guy. Maybe he's just given bad direction...

cyguration2702d ago

Max Payne is the reason I stopped like Mark Wahlberg. He screwed that character up so badly. The movie was sub-par at best but Wahlberg's performance was so horrendous it was almost cringe worthy.

jony_dols2702d ago

You can only do so much as an actor when you have a poorly written script & dialog, and then you have a shitty first time director who has no experience of actually getting performances out of actors.

ThanatosDMC2702d ago

He's not even funny. That movie with Will Farrel(sp?) sucks... then again Will Farrel stopped becoming funny after his basketball movie.

Genecalypse2702d ago

I wonder how much say ND has in this movie

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