Destructoid Review: Dead Nation

While some gamers claim that the market is fully saturated with games in which you kill zombies, the industry does not appear to see it that way. As such, Dead Nation offers yet another opportunity for players to mow down legions of the undead in a world overrun.

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Balt 2666d ago ShowReplies(9)
Serjikal_Strike2666d ago

the reviewer thinks its too dark of a
so zombie games will be better if they take place in well lit areas?
Dark areas + Zombies = win for me!

Balt 2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Zombie 2 -- Best Zombie movie, scene for scene and line for line -- Ever made. 75% dedicated to daylight shots. Lucio Fulci was brilliant, though.

And don't get me wrong, I'm buying the game. I'll get it as soon as it's uploaded. I don't need it to be a 10 for me to justify getting it, either. I just have a more realistic view on things than most I suppose.

This game is a 6 and I'm happy with that. Now you all be.

Serjikal_Strike2666d ago

we're not talkin movies....
I play the Dead ops arcade, and its mostly in lit areas....I prefer darker games personally!
cant wait to purchase this tomorrow w/ps+ discount!

Keith Olbermann2666d ago

I agree..I'll be getting this one. Cant wait.

rezzah2666d ago

They probably would prefer some ponies here and there with some colourful rainbows in the background...

raztad2666d ago

This is a HOUR ONE game for me. Some might have been playing Zombie games for long but that is not my case and Dead Nation looks like pure win. Finally tomorrow is the day.

mastiffchild2666d ago

Thing is they likely marked it, as many sites do for Wiiware,XBLA,PSN and Minis releases in the same way and by the same yardsticks they would a full fat disc based, big budget game and it doesn't work. You need to mark accordingly and from what I've already played of the game(which was a long time back now as well)it's going to be hugely impressive technically, visually and in the sheer number and variety of on screen enemies the game boasts for a PSN £10 title.

When I got my paws on it I found it a really good take on the two stick shooter with surprisingly varied tactics proving useful in a zombie based game and the darkness of the palette just added to both the atmosphere and the gameplay for me rather than detracting from it and the national thing where you can help keep your country zombie free a fresh idea as well.

For the price and for a PSN title with SSHD heritage 6/10 seems tight when it's going to be stunning value and had great, great polish for such a cheap game to buy.

beavis4play2666d ago

i'm with you, mastiffchild!

Lirky2666d ago

How many characters can u select in zombie apocalypse u could choose around 4.

CrzyFooL2666d ago

this game is awesome. Figured it would be Jim Sterling, but IT WASN'T!!

For $15, this game is a MUST HAVE PSN TITLE.

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The story is too old to be commented.