Top 10 things to do before playing Halo 3

Get the most enjoyment from Halo 3 by following these tips...

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P4KY B4118d ago

Tell your girlfriend or wife that she it staying at her mums for 3 days.

Bill Gates4118d ago


That's right, don't eat, because if you do, you'll just end up BARFFING after you see what junk it's going to be.....AHAHHAHHAHA

But on the other hand if you do eat, and feel the need to puke, do it over your 360, as it may cool it down and avoid it from BLOWING up in your face......AAAHAHhAhAHAHA

Bolts4118d ago

LOL now thats some really extreme hating.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4118d ago

1. Play Prevoius games. Get to know Halo World.

2. Play Half-Life 1 and 2

3. Play Bioshock

4. Play Online games FREE like Battlefield or Counter-Strike

5. Use programs like Teamspeak and Xfire on PC; FREE AGAIN

6. Play Doom 1

7. Play Quake 3 Online.

8. Get to know Pay to play is bullsh!t

9. Get to know Halo did NOT define FPS

10. Get to know Halo is just over rated medicore shooter.

ben hates you4118d ago

how unfortunate for you, most of the rest of the world disagree

The Chief of Mjolnir4118d ago

Add 11: Ignore the fanboys on this site.

12: Enjoy a good game.

ShiftyLookingCow4118d ago

you forgot to take your sanity meds again

Xi4118d ago

but what halo did do was add a lot to the genre.

-For starters the wepaons system. Halo's weapon system where holding 2 of any weapon was used in games like FEAR and gears of war, where an extra weapon was substituded in. This was rare to see in games before hand, most used a menu system or limited you with 1 primary, 1 secondary.

-regenerating health. Real no explination here as regenerating health is probably noticable in most games now where it once never existed. From splinter-cell to gears.

-exspansive outdoor maps where as most other fps's and current ones are all linear and small corridors.

-matchmaking, the system defined what it should be like to join a game online, it's quick easy and has led the way for most current online console games. Including COD.

-weapon balance - ever notice how the halo sniper isn't able to kill exploding flood? right, and that plasma weapons are better used on the covenant, while human weapons make better use of the flood.

-vehicles, though not the first, it's one of the best.

-prooved that the analog controls could infact work for a fps and a console can be used for fps games.

all set to an epic storyline (yes it is epic and maybe you should play through the full game to really understand it, the story is far better than that of the mgs franchise or other alien shooters with the exception of hl), with very high production values, great music and great visuals. Halo may not be the most influential or innovative but what it did was find the near perfect balance, making it one of the greatest FPS's of all time.

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parasite4118d ago

Ah the sh1ts excuse, classic and still works like a charm. :)

Wile4118d ago

the halo hate on this site is always amusing. Thanks guys.

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