1UP: TRON: Evolution Review

Of all the campy sci-fi flicks from the '80s, few have more built-in potential for a videogame adaptation than Tron. With its (at-the-time) groundbreaking CG animation and game-developer-trapped-in-a-co mputer storyline, Disney's cult classic has plenty of hooks in place for a decent gaming crossover. Unfortunately, Tron: Evolution wastes most of that potential on sloppy, unimaginative third-person action and some seriously reprehensible vehicular segments.

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Balt 2519d ago ShowReplies(7)
N4GAddict2519d ago

I hope the movie is better

visualb2519d ago

thats impossible to say =|

its the directors first movie (dn remember his name its rly long) and its HEAVILY based on CGI.

it might be fun, but a good "movie" =S dno...

all I'm certain about is that jeff bridges is in it, and anything with jeff bridges is a little bit more awesome =D

i hope tron is a good movie though. I think the original is under appreciated and easily a big special effects halmark movie along with who framed roger rabbit IMHO

so heres hoping legacy is goood

ECM0NEY2519d ago

+bubs for Who Framed Roger Rabbit

mandf2519d ago

Sucked in the 80's sucks today

Parapraxis2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I think the movie will rock. Daft Punk alone will make it great for me.
Tron was actually pretty awesome when it originally came out...I feel old now.

Quagmire2519d ago

Get lost troll. Tron's a classic, and the new film is set to rival avatar, plus, its got Daft Punk. Nuff Said. Might try out the game, looks decent.

Parapraxis2519d ago

They should have made Tron Deadly Discs for motion controllers! :P

visualb2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

hey I always felt it was awesome =D that and logans run 2 of my fav whacky special effects old school movies

Tikicobra2519d ago

Tron bored the hell out of me. As much as I wanted to like it, it just wasn't interesting or entertaining. And since the special effects don't hold up today, the movie has nothing for me.

Tron: Legacy looks amazing, though.

hoops2519d ago

The movie was done in the early 80's...of course it won't hold up to films today.
It was cutting edge when it was released.

Tikicobra2515d ago

I'm aware, that's what I said. By today's standards, it has nothing to offer.

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The story is too old to be commented.