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G4 Becomes The Official Broadcasters Of E3

G4 and the Entertainment Software Association have announced a three-year deal making G4 the official broadcaster for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 Expo) through 2013. (Adam Sessler, E3, Industry)

Blaster_Master  +   1705d ago
Nooooo! Now I cant watch it live since I have Directv. <sob>
Nitrowolf2  +   1705d ago
me 2

This is the only reason t watch G4 now, that channel is cr@p now
Internet will prob. stream like always

i usually run both at the same time as i enjoy reading too
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mrv321  +   1705d ago
I much prefer live blogs, it's just so much funnier to read as someone gets really excited and misspells a lot, or when they bored and just talk about their life.
Blacktric  +   1705d ago
I know its getting old but...

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VenomProject  +   1705d ago
I just watch the live stream on GameSpot.

G4's E3:

"Check out 5 minutes of gameplay from this new game!"


"Check out 5 minutes of this developer talking about things we already know about!"


"Hay! Look! A hot girl cosplaying!"

Millah  +   1705d ago
^^^At least the conferences are completely commercial free. Thats the only thing G4s coverage is good for.
simplyRealistic18  +   1705d ago
@Venom Project
You do understand why they do all those commercials right,

Thats because they show the press conferences commercials Free, that 2 1/2 hours for each conferences, so they are losing some of the money they would usually get from advertisement , so they have to make up for that when the conferences are over

Im pretty sure you know this, it doesn't take a genius to figure this out, but you probably want to be part of the bandwagon of people that hate G4
PeeWizzle  +   1705d ago
G4 was good for the conferences. I'll miss that but that's about it.
Blaze929  +   1705d ago
lol, Munn...good times - goooooood times:


G4 is pathetic. Glad I don't even have that channel. I'll stick to live streams over the net on other websites.

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gypsygib  +   1705d ago
Lol @ "Where Morgan Webb?"
dkgshiz  +   1705d ago
Me too
Oh well, live blogs I suppose. lol, the network is pure trash. Why do people even watch that channel?
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SaiyanFury  +   1705d ago
My wife and I get the channel for free with our FTA satellite setup and I sure as hell don't watch it. Quite literally, the last three times I've even bothered to look at the channel, it's been Olivia Munn doing some sexually suggestive action, or modeling in some ridiculous costume to give another teenager a hardon. All THREE times. She ain't bad, but God knows there's a LOT of women out there with more substance than her. I sure do miss the days of TechTV and even G4 TechTV. *sigh* How far have we come....
Simco876  +   1705d ago
I will just stream it like always, but If Munn did some sort of strip tease I might change my mind
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assassin297  +   1705d ago
To bad I have Directv. This is all the channel would have been good for though. And maybe certain episodes of AOTS depending on what they had on that night. All the rest of what they show are just rerun marathons of Cops and Ninja Warrior.
DaBadGuy  +   1705d ago
Hasn't it always been that way?

I don't even think any other stations cover E3.

Whatever, congrats to them, E3 is the biggest videogame event of the year.

But I don't think Munn has showed her face at E3 since she got schooled by I think David Jaffe, said something like, "Where's Morgan Webb?" or something like that.

Munns off being a big star with her sitcom and movies and stuff, good luck to her.
dkgshiz  +   1705d ago
Shes a big star?
She made a brief Cameo in Iron Man 2, shes in some mediocre sitcom, and she makes brief appearances on The Daily Show. By the way, that David Jaffe incident was last E3, E3 2010.
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Projekt7tuning  +   1705d ago
She's got to start somewhere and she's not in porn. So she's doing something right. Her book was on the bestseller list too. What have you done? People like you will hate on anything.
enkeixpress  +   1705d ago
... God help us all.
InvaderZim  +   1705d ago
Wow. Thanks pretty cool for them I guess. I don't get how they got it so easily though. Surely Spike is bigger than G4... Spike still has VGA though.
Shuklar  +   1705d ago
Ohh G4...you used to be worth it
gersh  +   1705d ago
Agreed. Evertime I flip to their channel they're always showing Cheaters or Cops.
Eiffel  +   1705d ago
And the only remotely related game content on G4 is thirty minutes of Xplay, everything else is Cops, Cheaters, some one hour cheesy boring talk show called "Attack Of The Show" , some syndicated Japanese game show, shit movies.

Out of all the channels I have, G4 takes the cake as being the least interesting.
darkpower  +   1705d ago
I think they got pissed when Spike TV and GameTrailers got that exclusive on the MS presser (not that there was much to really TALK about with said presser;it was rather depressing that they focused way too much on a peripheral that they shoved down our throats that they knew a lot of people would buy for the name brand only and not enough on anything else). They ended up slamming the content of it, though I don't think the exclusivity was the only reason they slammed it, it was a factor, I think.
user858621  +   1705d ago
well since im in UK ill be watching it on jtv :)
GoldPS3  +   1705d ago
E3 is like the super bowl for G4 so they need it. I only have standard cable so I don't get G4. As long as they keep doing the live streams I don't need digital cable.
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256bit  +   1705d ago
....g4 really? the only thing i saw was nothing but reruns of cops. its like the MTV of video games. both of these stations should die. and that olivia girl is ugly and a terrible actress. she should just do fake reality tvshows like the other rejects.
theonlylolking  +   1705d ago
G4 needs way better shows. Ninja warrior can stay and x play but there needs to be other shows. Maybe something to compete against gametrailers on spike.
thegreatest7884  +   1705d ago
And now I hate myself for having DirectTV
SpongeFreak52  +   1705d ago
G4 B4 2K4 = Worth paying 4.
Paradise Lost  +   1705d ago
Live streaming FTW
sharif699  +   1705d ago
Still Have the network on comcast, before they started turning into spiketv i used to love watching, now when i flip over its a re-run of cops cheaters or ninja warrior, neither of which was interesting past a week imo. Only things i watch on that network are x-play really. And aots...sometimes
Gamerfans  +   1705d ago
Oliva Munn is a WHoooore!
snoopgg  +   1705d ago
so whats your point
whores rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ThatMiamiGuy  +   1705d ago
Oh, well isn't that beautiful? I was hoping that they would move it to Spike or something. This year's E3 program was partially on Spike for the first day or so. And now because I am another DirectTV subscriber, I too lost G4. E3 and the new MARVEL anime series coming to the network were the only reasons I still cared for G4.

At least I got a new laptop, I guess it's back to streaming all the conferences online like I used to back in the old days.
clearelite  +   1705d ago
WTF happened to Cinematech? I used to space out and watch that show. Also, is ninja warrior still on? That was a fun show.
X-play and attack of the show used to be decent as well. They were actually really funny at times too. Not too sure about now.
-I noticed G4TV start to go downhill when they started canning all the interesting/video game related shows in exchange for mindless vacuous trash to appeal to a more mainstream, or wider demographic (or, WTF they were doing) Kind of like how MTV(music TV) doesn't really play music anymore.
I miss the gold old days watching G4TV though...:: reminisces ::
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