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Sony buried more than a few other surprises in GT5 that they didn’t foreground much in the lead-up to release (the rally courses are procedurally generated, for crying out loud!). All I can say is I’m very glad I put serious hours into this game before passing final judgment.

Regardless, sitting around picking nits is missing the point. Like a quality automaker, Polyphony Digital focuses on the tiny technical details so that we don’t have to. And trust me, Gran Turismo 5 is OCD enough for all of us.

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Sev2763d ago

I'm glad that this reviewer was able to progress far enough to check out the damage modeling, etc.

This game isn't getting the ratings it deserves.

T9X692763d ago

What does everyone believe the lower rated reviews gave it a lower score because of JUST the damage? I know you don't want to give those sites "hits" but did you even bother to read half of those lower scoring reviews to see why else they gave it a lower score? Rather then clicking "Find", typing "Damage" and seeing if they got to level 40?

Fulensenca2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Still around here hungry for bad PS3 news?

Get a job ... oh, wait, maybe you are already paid to be here doing all what you are doing in these days on this site?

UP2763d ago

T9X69 Why are you in every single GT5 article?

Keith Olbermann2763d ago

There is an army of trolls that like to talk trash on every GT5 review. Dont know why?? I have a PS3 but you will never see me bad mouthing Forza all day long. Grow up folks.

ryuzu2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

^^ Relax guys. GT5 is BIG news, the game is great, it's selling well and the noise means everyone's forgotten oh yeah Kintec and all those terrible reviews it got.

Look at this site now - the only popular topic for last 2 weeks has been GT5 - nothing is touching it....

Looks like Sony/PD have produced another classic.


thor2763d ago

T9X69 you are correct. It wasn't just because of damage that the reviews were marked down. Furthermore, the damage (and AI for that matter) is STILL pretty unimpressive after level 40; here's the only video that's been posted of the damage in action so far (that I've found) and it seems all the same criticisms apply:

Boody-Bandit2763d ago

Haters will hate GT5 consumers will play the best racer this generation on a console. More and more of my friends are texting or calling me and saying WTF is up with the reviews? This game is amazing.

Is it perfect? Hell no!
Is it a phenomenal game? HELL YES!

djfullshred2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I have read a variety of good & bad reviews. Having played the game through 1st three circuits, amatuer, beginner & pro, and at level 18 I can see that I've only scratched the surface, and am totally addicted to keep going.

To use a car analogy, some of the criticism on things like game menus, standard car graphics, unlock schemes for more advanced AI & damage is like complaints on how the radio & climate control buttons are laid out on an otherwise totally kickass car to drive. GT5 is like that kickass car to drive, that some find fault with the quirky stuff that makes no difference in how that car performs.

ExplosionSauce2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

...are the people who intend to crash on purpose to see how much damage they can cause.

In real life, racing is a competition were drivers attempt to finish in the shortest amount of time by avoiding collision and with other cars and objects, as that would be counterproductive.

Some people can never be happy. No damage isn't good enough. And moderate damage is still not good enough. Geez.

4Sh0w2763d ago

Why would a racing simulator only add damage after you grind through long, long hours of the gameplay with no damage? Thats far from realistic to me, as so many other racing simulators allow it from the very begining= like real life racing. Just saying "progressive damage" in a simulator just seems like a bad choice. Also how do we know its full damage at lvl 40? I watched some vid claiming the driver was at 40 yet it still took several impacts at high speed to get proper damage, and some on GTplanet claim its fake and they get the same damage at lower levels after several high speed impacts. I'm curious what is truth from fiction, it would sure be nice if Kaz gave a straightfoward answer instead of saying damage will come later???

ComboBreaker2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

"Why does everyone believe the lower rated reviews gave it a lower score becuase of JUST the damage?"

Same reason you believe otherwise.

"Why would a racing simulator only add damage after you grind through long, long hours of the gameplay with no damage?"

Why would a FPS shooter adds cool weapon unlocks after you grind through long, long hours of gameplay without the unlocks?

Why would CoD let you lose all your weapon unlocks in Prestige Mode after you grind through long long hours of gameplay to unlock them?

Why does a game let you unlock a harder mode?

Why?!! Why?!!!!! It doesn't make any sense to 4Sh0w. His mind can not understand this standard feature of video games that have been in video games ever since the dawn of video games.

4Sh0w2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

COD franchise like so many other FPS and other genre's are NOT even trying to be a SIMULATOR furthermore it is somewhat realistic that in a war or combat scenario you will utilize different weapons on different missions/ patrols. lol the fact that you CAN prestige and lose all your weapons only further proves the game design is about fueling multiplayer competition NOT realism from the standpoint of what happens in real life, lol you might as well be saying "Why does Mario let you start over after you die?"

I notice you are reaching real hard to make comparisons with other games that are not even in the same genre as GT. Your comparison of GT5 to those games doesn't make any sense at all, forget that those games are Arcade type shooters, Why didn't you compare GT to games like NFS Hot Pursuit or Grid, because you know like everybody else those games are Arcade style racers which means saying "theres no way a Audi R8 would drift through a turn like that" a USELESS statement because the game design isn't aiming for realism, its aiming for wow or OMG fun factor. We all understand GT5 is a videogame and obviously they cannot simulate every aspect of driving, but GT5 is not only a SIMULATOR but it advertises itself as "The Real Driving Simulator", therefore people will rightfully question why such a "real" driving sim takes 1 of the most fundamental aspects related to the risk of driving= DAMAGE and implement it gradually in a simulator, is this a driving RPG or driving simulator? Damage is NOT a upgrade, its not a rare thing that you see every blue moon, it happens in every single REAL LIFE professional racing event.

ComboBreaker2762d ago

"Damage is NOT a upgrade..."

Exactly. Damage is not an upgrade. Damage is an increase in difficulty. And as in every games, you unlock harder and harder difficulty as you beat the current difficulty. It is the natural progress of a game.

It does not make sense to make a game where everything get easier and easier until finally, at the end, you don't even have to try anymore.

However, it does make sense to make a realistic game harder and harder and more and more realistic as your progress through it.

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Trexman892763d ago

People bought into the hype. Ofcourse this wasn't going to be the greatest game ever, but people are knocking it for not being perfect.

ikkokucrisis2763d ago

Agree w/ you Trexman89

This is the game that you play to have the "closest to real life" feeling of racing a $100,000+ car for less than $1000 (steering wheel, seat, rumble pack). Please tell me what other game will allow you to do that?!

Let's play the analogy game,

Demon Souls is to GT5 as Fable is to ...

Tapewurm2763d ago

Finally a review from a credible source that actually reflects what the game is about :)

Sunny_D2763d ago

@ Thor

That video was made and posted by IGN. You know? The reviewers who probably didn't spend even 10 hours on the game and reviewed while they were only on level 5?

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violents2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

i think the game works great but the environments look kind of stamped out, and the grass is awful looking. I've saw better backgrounds and particle effects in other games. I know it can be done and im very disappointed that i waited this long for this game and there are so many, but what about this and what about that's. This game is one of the reasons i even bought a ps3 in the first place at launch and had to wait 4 yrs or so to get. Overall it is a good game and does serve the intended purpose, but definitly feels unfinished. My final rant has to be that they have sullied the Gran Turismo name by sticking NASCAR in the mix. I have always loved this type of racing simply because it isnt like nascar. Yep, WERE GONNA DRIVE STRAIGHT AND THEN TURN LEFT.

iTwisteDi2763d ago

hahah i agree completely!

yess2763d ago

Ironically Nascar is some of the hardest in the game.
Nascar takes skill to master, it's not just turning left.

I like Nascar for being very competitive, and close racing.

djfullshred2763d ago

Nascar is more challenging than people would think. The cars are a real handful, being heavy & powerful. Driving top speed on the ovals requires constant adjustment of braking, steering, & throttle to keep from losing it.

IrishYamato2763d ago

GT5 may have a few very minor issues but it's still an incredible game.
BTW guys, what do you think- is it too early for the hat?.

IrishYamato2763d ago

Happy Birthday, red2tango.

DasBunker2763d ago

this year corporations wanted to start christmas very early.. almost mid november WTF?!.. economy must be pretty bad they want people to start spending their hard earned money ASAP buy! buy! buy!

so yeah the hat is fine do not worry :)..

ontopic: i think websites should do a re-review once they have played the game properly and not all rushed out reviews for hits, makes me sick.

insertcoin2763d ago

How long do you think it'll take before they fix the online experience? I'm thinking about taking it for a spin drive, so to speak, but I'm not sure.

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