Microsoft: What a difference a year makes

TGDaily: Microsoft is likely to top the list of the most improved companies for 2011. Indeed, 2009 ended a decade of disappointing personal technology products from Redmond - particularly Windows Vista - which left many of us wondering if MS could do anything right. 

However, 2010 kicked off with Windows 7, IE9 (beta), Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Kinnect, along with some very positive financial results.

To be sure, for much of last decade Microsoft was considered the personification of Evil, and for much of last year, Google effortlessly took their place after seeming to promise when they started that they would avoid doing evil things.

Let’s talk a bit about how Microsoft and Google traded places last year, well more than traded places; Google passed Microsoft like a jet plane and not in a good way. We’ll focus on Microsoft’s improvements today.

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velocitygamer2728d ago

I thought this would be the year for sony...but I was wrong...2011 looks like a year for sony. With move exclusive to games setting a new standard like Killzone's going to be a blast. Oh and IE9 kinda sucks, lost the love of IE ever since IE7 came out...Chrome FTW!

rroded2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

"Microsoft and Google traded places last year, well more than traded places; Google passed Microsoft like a jet plane and not in a good way"

i dunno wth their saying and im not all too optimistic reading more will help...

edit damn waste of 5 mins but since i cant unread it...
so ms = win cause win7, kinect, winphone, bing. I agree win7 is a win but the rest is epic fail. As for this google vs win thing dude googles got wings while ms has a few million rrods around its neck.

BillOreilly2728d ago

sony has a good lineup next year but im most looking forward to seing how the tgs kinect games turn out. Ms had the best year ever in 2010. Win 7, win7 phones, kinect, alan wake, metro 2033, sp cell conviction, risen, crackdown 2, 99 nights 2, reach, fable 3, divinity 2, the dragon knight saga, mass effect 2, black ops (dlc and only good version), new vegas dlc, all the live improvements exc. Next year will be a good year with kinect starting to get real games and im sure ms have some suprises.

mcstorm2728d ago

@BillOreilly I agree with you 2009 was looking like MS we going to have another bad 10 years but from what I have seen and used I am by far impressed with what MS have released this year. The 360 has had by far the best exclusives out of the 3 consoles although some games did not sell as well as they did. Win 7 is the best OS I have used in a very long time. I now use Bing as my Main search as it works better for my Job and what I look for than Google. Office 2010 is a Big improvement over 2007. Kinect has been alot better than I thought it would but it can get even better with the updates MS have said they will bring out for it and I am looking forward to seeing what the Game developers can do with it. Also Windows Phone 7 is by far the best Phone OS I have used in a long time too. I was converted from windows mobile to Android and I thought what MS locking windows Phone 7 down it would be too much like the IPhone but it is far from the IPhone it wipes the floor with the IPhone OS. Easy to use, very quick and works better with Office, Emails, Zune, games ect than the IPhone dose.

Im really looking forward the the next 10 year at MS as I think they have now found that if they make a crap product or copy someone else people will not buy it and its nice to see MS becoming 1 company rather than different sections.

I am also looking forward to seeing what Sony do with the PS3 and Move next year as I think with games like LBP2 KZ3 UC3 RES3 PSP2 PSP Phone coming out they have a very strong line up.

Game-ur2728d ago

The year was so great for MS that they got devalued twice, lagged behind its 2 biggest competitors, the CEO sold billions of his stocks in the company, and investors called to break it up.

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SmokexFFx2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

"To be sure, for much of last decade Microsoft was considered the personification of Evil, and for much of last year, Google effortlessly took their place after seeming to promise when they started that they would avoid doing evil things."

So true, the reason most people don't have an Xbox is because they have this notion that Microsoft is this evil greedy company.

The reason I choose Microsoft is because they have a foot in everything, and it gives them the ability to link everything together. Windows, IE9, hotmail/live, MSN, Gaming (console/pc and hardcore/casual) and phone.

-Alpha2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I can understand the ethical issue people have with supporting MS. The fact of the matter is that MS has that image, especially in gaming. Some of that is misplaced, however, but some of it, like bviperz says, is history.

The way I see it is that MS simply got out of the gate first, was cheaper, and for a while had more popular/better exclusives than PS3, in regards to gaming.

Honestly, I think that was MS's best strategy to cut into a marketshare dominated by two giants and to gain a footing.


I recently got a MAC. Hate the dock. I just liked the hardware, I'm thinking of bootcamping my MAC

trancefreak2728d ago

Ive been a windows user my whole life it seems I think it would be difficult to switch now personally.

Now there would be one need for me to use a mac book pro if i consider it. And that would be for just a dedicated mobile music studio with logic pro.

I would use it for that sole purpose of creating music and having fun. Now if I got the hang of the osx os and started to really like it well who knows from that point. But for me now its all about windows 7. Infact My new sony vaio(POS) Intel core i7 will run other os's but it really is designed around windows 7. The laptop can run vista but the drivers are hard to even get install find modded ones.

You would think my vaio would run vista with no problem since the core kernal is close to being like brother and sister. Windows 7 is a hugely enhanced version Vista.

If I couldnt use windows 7 for some reason windows vista sp2 x64 would be my second option. Actually vista sp2 x64 is the best os by Microsoft compared to windows 7 IMO. Now XP was my favorite used for many years and retired it home.

Now regarding your point alpha I agree with ya but because ive seen the hatred and loyalty towards certain companys first hand.

But just because I love Sony ps3 doesnt mean I wont love a Microsoft's mouse and kb hardware with blue track tech, windows and other ms relative products, Zune etc.

And since I love my ps3 and I hate/dislike my expensive Vaio and sonys vaio tech support wont stop me from buying their other products. Ive had major issues with Sony on that front and I wont make the same mistake twice with my vaio.

Sorry for being off topic some!

Lightsaber2728d ago

I think most ps/$ony fangirls hate ms/xbox cause xbox has beaten the ps3 for the pass 5 years. Look at last gen ps2 sold like 150 million systems and the xbox sold like 20 million. No one was hating on ms/xbox then cause it didnt matter much. Its the same reason you dont see wii fans hating on ps3 or xbox cause they are both so far behind wii it doesnt matter. However without ms and the xbox online gaming would still be in the stone age

Vesemir2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Yes M$ got out of the gate first. By a whole year.
Like the article says what a difference makes a whole year.

If it weren't for the whole year ms console had ahead of sony console, it wouldn't be looking too great right now.

Lightsaber2728d ago

Vesemir should of, could of but didnt. MS basically catch $ony with their pants down.

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bviperz2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Then you really don't know your history OR you just choose to ignore all the shady stuff Microsoft does. The reason I choose Microsoft is because they didn't really leave much choice out there if you're a gamer. Think about it then you'll see the the 'evil greedy company' is not that far from the truth. Oh, and I'm talking about the company, not the 360.

Mac is coming around though. Waiting for them to fully integrate STEAM...

Fallouts2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

everyone is evil! all you can do is choose who puts a smile on your face at the least..

ppl get too caught up on how companies fight for supremacy.

when they are on the come up they seem "not so evil" once they take over they become "evil".. its just how it is..

the only thing i like about a mac is no viruses. it shouldnt cost as much as they do though, thats just frikin evil!

gamer20102728d ago

It's pure ignorance to hate MS, but ignore the fact that other big companies like Sony are no better or worse. They have all made mistakes and they have also all added great products to our lives. If Sony makes something I want, I buy it. If Microsoft makes something I want, I buy it.

MK24ever2728d ago

Steve Balmmer can't be anything else but evil, just look at the movie, it's scary :S

He's crazy... like... totally, he's a typical, pure capitalist, he wants money money money, that hasn't changed in the last 10 years.

Mr Marbles2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Um your kidding write?

OK the first one was crazy, but it seems like he is crazy over his product and developers getting hyped for it. Not sure what part of that makes you think he is pure capitalist?

The guy is a billionaire, money is probably his furthest concern.
And wtf is so wrong with being a good capitalist? what would be better? if he were some kind of evil socialist instead? That would be great hey, he could force everyone at MS to turn in their checks to the board, who would then combine everyones earnings into a big pot to be equally distributed at the equivalent pay of 8 bucks an hour. Everyone from janitors to engineers would make 8 bucks an hour, yeah that sure beats capitalism LOL!

gamer20102728d ago

Capitalism always gets blamed for the abuses or deviations from capitalism. Most of the bad examples people point to are not in fact examples of problems with capitalism, but rather the problems of statism.

bobrea2728d ago

Well this article is retarded. bragging about IE9? Seriously? And Kinect? Kinect may be sellign but it doesn't make the technology revolutionary in any way. Not tomention that my xbox has been pretty much collecting dust except for a few games of Halo here and there. I pretty much fully disagree with what the author is saying here. Oh and they raised the price of live (something that you shouldnt even have to pay for.) That counts as evil

Fallouts2728d ago

you are evil! he wasnt "bragging" about anything. good goodness its like you cant say anything positive about something with out being some kinda fanboy, bragging, or super hyping it..

i agree about live though fvck them for that..

bobrea2728d ago

Ok, maybe bragging was the wrong word, but I don't think that they deserve any praise for anything this year.

Fallouts2728d ago

oh c'mon.. its ok not to like them for what ever reason but to say they havnt improved is just evil.

the console looks and sounds a lot better. windows7 is way better than anything before it. while kinect is nothing new they at the very least took it in a different direction this gen.

i just hate the price hike on live. i would love to hear some announcements on new studios. there prices on shit is still crazy. i want the new controller but at 65 no thanks. lol i still have my original 20gig hdd! i refuse to pay those prices when i upgraded my ps3 with a 500gig cheaper than the ms 250 gig.

ms still can improve but to say they havnt been at all is wrong.

bobrea2726d ago

Microsoft shouldn't be praised for the new console. It shoul dhave been like that when it released. Having built in Wi-fi should have happened at launch. Not to mention that it still has a power brick. Windows 7 is good, and it had to be for that travesty that they called Vista. I just don't think they are deserving of the praise that this article gives, that's all.

DiRtY2728d ago

True story. MS improved on a lot of things. I said it before, the possibilities with a PC, Windows phone and Xbox Live are unlimited.

MS is winning on a lot of different markets this holiday.

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