ARS - Auditorium HD on PS3: Move control giveth, Move control taketh away

Motion controls promise interaction that is more intuitive and natural than using analog sticks and buttons, but the reality rarely matches that ideal. Auditorium has been a popular time-waster around Ars since its release, and now Auditorium HD has come to the PlayStation Network for $10, with support for the PlayStation Move. Using the wand controller is better than using a standard controller, but the experience isn't quite as seamless as it could have been.

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harrisk9542790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"The problem is that the Move doesn't exactly work as a pointer, no matter how I calibrated it. Instead, the camera sees the ball and replicates its position and movement inside a smaller, virtual screen you imagine in front of you. You can adjust your cursor's sensitivity, but you'll still need to stand and move your arms in grander motions than expected. It's not bad, mind you, but it's not as easy to sit down and play as it would be with a mouse or the controller. It takes what should be a relaxing experience and adds an odd, yoga-like aspect."

I totally disagree with this assessment. I purchased it last night and the problem was the placement of the PS Eye... I normally keep it on top of my tv, but for this game I found it worked better if I put it on the tv stand in front of the tv. That way, I was able to relax on the couch and the PS Eye picked up the Move controller with no problem.

By the way, this is a very relaxing game and worth the $10. If you like Flower, you will enjoy Auditorium. It is great seeing the colors move with the music after you solve the level. I hope that this game doesn't get overlooked!

schlanz2790d ago

Clearly this reviewer is oblivious to the fact that the move sensitivity can be adjusted in a way that permits much smaller physical movement. The default sensitivity is too low. I play on 9 which makes it very easy and quick to navigate around the screen.