The State of Azeroth: The World will break…

Well Azeroth is now broken. I hope you all got in any last minute things done before things like Loremaster were completely changed, or got some lucky mount drops before ZG went away. Well news and more below from the past month or so. Plus a new advice section as well as a contest surprise at the end!

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RankFTW2610d ago

Nooooooooooooooooo I don't want to play WoW again, must resist...

alphakennybody2610d ago

funny thing, it's much more livelier world thanks to the cataclysm

WarPonyDestroyer2610d ago

trust me it's easy to resist.

Same ole carrot chase, they just added new ones.

Rinse repeat.

thesithfreak2610d ago

really, you played it? sounds like a typical wow hater. people can't accept that it is plain out the best most polished mmo, the old republic will be amazing, but it wont start off as polished as wow, it'll take a while. but other than that, no other MMO can live up to a quarter of WoW's solid design and fun factor.

WarPonyDestroyer2610d ago

Yup played it for a few years. The old Tauren Mill zerg was the heyday for me.

Sorry, buddy truth hurts.

Dedicate your life to your education and family, not Azaroth.

thesithfreak2610d ago

yeah i just reactivated and am making a troll druid. the new world is amazing, much more voice acting, in game cutscenes, better graphics, better quest and world design. its a whole new game. it honestly feels like a 2010 rpg title, not a late 2004 anymore.

thesithfreak2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

s so whoever disagrees denies the FACT that there is more cutscenes, upgraded graphics, and better quest design? like i said before, N4G is pathetic and full of people who don't really enjoy games, their real hobby is hating on them.

jdktech20102610d ago

Did it change it significantly?

I put WOW down early this year and it's been great but did it really change the game that much? Is leveling from 1 to whatever compeltely different now or still the same thing we just a simple new skin (if that makes sense)?

It's probably a bad idea to get back into it but just curious

thesithfreak2610d ago

its more significant for some races more than others, but overall yes its a very significant change for even the first 10 levels, the game is much more alive, not just static npc's standing around, they move and interact with you. one low level quest sent a co op friend with me that kept chatting with me the whole time, actual voice chatting not just text.

Handhelds_FTW2610d ago

They have that special right now at the Blizzard Store, where you can can get the the game and the first two expansion for $20.

From what I read, they changed the whole questing system and its a lot of fun and very fluid now.

Kat is 4 fite?

jdktech20102610d ago

that's a heck of a deal....I've got them all saved on my account. It's a fun game but it felt too much like a chore to me (kinda like COD does after about 48-60 hours in)

The call of WOW is trying to drag me back and I'm trying to resist.....I hate paying for monthly fees especially when I've got 4 or 5 shooters and AC: Brotherhood to play as well.

This is Satan's game...I'm convinced

blasian2610d ago

My name is blasian and I was a wowhead... I must resist... i cant go back.. i wont.... maybe just a peek O.O