XBLR Ver 51.0 podcast

Tech News:
-Ready for Vista? Or are you XPressing doubts?
-Apple to get to the Core of it's newest POD.

Game News:
-Halo 3- Finished and Ready for World Domination!
-Warhawk- I want my recognition! NOW!!
-Need for Speed a Scary release date.

Game Reviews:

-Bioshock: Somewhere under the Sea… Carpal and TOG go snorkeling and find out just how fun a FPS with a Plot and creativity can be. -Overlord: Or as TOG says while playing, "Oh My Lord?!?" It's lemmings meets medevil times".

Plus: Carpal checks out The Tequilla Podcast. -TOG newest Online Read: D+PAD (Download the Issue here). -Squidpunch with the 360 FriendSpot Spot. (Get the LIVE eye on you, here.) -PAX Wrap-up and why Carpal loves his TIVO and un-loves 24. -All this and don't miss our Extended PAX-Trip And-Now-For-Outtakes.

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