GT: Gears of War Teaser

Gametrailers: The Spike Video Game Awards bring you news on the future of Gears of War! Tune in Saturday, December 11th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the full details!

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DaThreats2758d ago

I know what it is.....
Vanquish inspiration

TOO PAWNED2758d ago

So they are wasting one slot on game that has already been announced? VGA = FAIL

kudakadere2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

will you shut up , i want to be playing the beta for Spring but i get your fustration you want to see Agent

8-bit2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Gears of War 3 GAME OF THE YEAR!

No.. Really.. It is the only 360 game this year unless you count kinect titles : /

Sorry I didn't mean to hurt you guys..

Active Reload2758d ago

"Vanquish inspiration"

On how not to do things...

RBlaze2758d ago

Might be the 'rumoured' Kinect Gears. I still reckon a Gears RTS could be poss...

Please let GoW's multiplayer not be packed with lag. I loved Gears 2... But the lag was horrific!

JeffGUNZ2757d ago

@ RBlaze.

It was already confirmed by EPIC that Gears 3 will be on dedicated servers, which should finally make the online experience smooth.

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lelo2play2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Would be great if it was ... shadow complex 2

Prcko2758d ago

new shooter??
how much more of those games,plz developers start to make something new ffs!!!!!

T9X692758d ago

Gears 3 was announced a long time ago. Here's to help clean up your tears

Zir02758d ago

I bet its something on Kinect, they denied it before to make sure no one expects it.

karl2758d ago

i hope Gears of war plays with kinect

that way it will be ruined for sure

Chicken Chaser2758d ago

what a miracle ...Looks like IGN was right after all

"According to our tip, Microsoft is using the Spike TV Video Games Awards (VGAs) to introduce some big action games, including new titles for the Kinect. The headliner is Gears of War for Kinect, coming straight from Epic Games." -IGN

Hands Up For Games2758d ago

I can't actually view the video, what does it say or show?

I know the VGA Awards themselves are a joke, but 10 or however many Premiers there are is nothing to be sneezed at.

As a gamer, I'm hoping to be surprised, in a good way : )

IMChampion2758d ago

Just Cliff saying a big announcement will be coming for Gears 3. Its like 5 seconds long.

Hands Up For Games2758d ago


A big announcement for Gears 3 then?

There goes the theory of it being a standalone Gears Kinect game then.

If it is Kinect in Gears 3, then that could be interesting, very interesting.

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