All Kinect Games $10 off Right Now & PlayStation Move Sold Out?

The battle of motion gaming between Sony and Microsoft just got a bit more interesting. All Kinect games are currently $10 off and Amazon has just listed the PlayStation Move bundle “Sold Out”.

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Balt 2570d ago

The PSmove is fundamentally understated. It's the best device I've seen introduced into the market since the Ps3 was launched. Sony nailed it with Move and the probable innovation in the future with head tracking patches and feet detection will only make Move that much better. Move owners, Sony ps3 owners, are not chained to casual games with move. We might be now, but the possible outcomes are endless given the right developer, time and resources.

Move, as an off-shoot skeptic, is the real deal. Sony won me over with it big time.

Sarcasm2569d ago

While I agree that the Move is great at what it does, I'm still waiting for better software to take advantage of the accuracy.

Nitrowolf22569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

I wonder how no more heroes: heroes Paradise will be on PS3
that game was awesome on the Wii
Graphically it's better, i would expect that game to work really well with move since it did with wii mote

256bit2569d ago

metal gear rising will be move compatiable....its obvious right?

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Paradise Lost2569d ago

I still cant find a standalone move controller at my nearest retailers.

Dark_king2569d ago

Same here and I need a second one.

Moentjers2569d ago

having the same problem

sashimi2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Ya know even with $10 off Kinect Games they are still overpriced! $40-$50 should be max, something like along Nintendos pricing model.

jetlian2569d ago

lol they are max at 50 with 10 off = 40.

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