Halo Reach - Legendary Edition - $74.99

Amazon has the Halo Reach - Legendary Edition for only $74.99 right now! This won’t last long, so if you want the flaming helmet and all the other collectables for Halo: Reach, you best jump on it NOW!!

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Hitman07692734d ago

Woot woot, not a bad deal for those holding out for this game. This is probably the most popular Halo game yet.

eLiNeS2734d ago

I wasn't holding out since I bought Reach day one but this was to hard to pass up on!!!

SixZeroFour2733d ago

i think halo 3 was more popular but halo reach is definitely better...the reason i say this is cause many ppl jumped ship to black ops and now halo reach sits at 3rd place in xbox live activity but when halo 3 was out it took i think 3 cod titles (4, waw and mw2) to take it out of top spot

BinaryMind2734d ago

It should also be noted the Standard Edition is only $39.75.

mygd2734d ago

Love special editions. Sometimes it's too much money, but other times it's totally worth it!

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