Epic Mickey? What Happened To Mickey Mania?

During the glory days of Super Nintendo and the second fiddle Sega Genesis, Disney Interactive spawned a clever platform marvel that led the player through Mickey Mouse’s career as a beloved cartoon mascot. This game was not called Epic Mickey. It was Mickey Mania.

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kungfuian2605d ago

They have not adequately updated or marketed this mascot for so long he no longer has the market appeal he use to. Not trying to be down on Mickey, just think Disney hasn't really leveraged the character for so long, kids these days could prob care less. When's the last time u saw Mickey in a movie? Say compared to Mario, who stars in a few games a year for example.

Anyways, sure it will sell fine with older parent's and g-mas shopping for their kids/grand kids. Other than that just don't see the appeal of something like this from a marketing perspective verses something like Kingdom Hearts- which is packed with Disney characters for the whole fam and of all ages.

GilIsMunny2605d ago

Hey Kungfuian,

It's interesting you would say that because we're based in New York and there is marketing for Epic Mickey literally everywhere. I totally agree with kids not really appealing to Mickey the same way they would with Mario. But without a Mario release this holiday season I think Mickey will clean up well.

hatchimatchi2604d ago

Disney is completely different now from what it was when I was growing up in the 90's. The disney channel now is all tween centric whereas in the 90's they still had the 'mickey mouse club' and the disney afternoon that would come on after school. They would also show disney films on abc on sunday nights. You just don't see that anymore and also, rarely does disney come out with an actual animated film. Back in the day those are what most kids would look forward to, now it's all cgi, which isn't bad, i like the pixar films, but disney markets themselves completely different from how they used to.