CVG: Batman: Arkham City - Can Rocksteady top Arkham Asylum?

CVG: Expectations are high for Arkham City. No, we'll rephrase that: expectations are astronomical. While other big game franchises such as Call Of Duty and FIFA are known quantities, the recently rejuvenated Batman name still has the potential to surprise.

The original, Arkham Asylum, shattered expectations by nailing the sensation of being the Dark Knight - but it was the level of detail and fan-pleasing touches that really piled on the praise from both players and critics.

And that's precisely why the sequel is carrying such a weight of expectation - everyone wants to be blown away all over again.

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cemelc2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Well they surely have room to improve, specially in the boss fights department.

That said, i wouldnt mind another B:AA the way the first one, was cos was pretty epic. Best super hero game in years and i mean YEARS.

Rich16312761d ago

Yeah, the boss fights were the weakest aspect. Still a damn good game though. My second favorite game of 2009, right behind Uncharted 2.

Supman2760d ago

it would be very hard,
but I think they can do it!
I really think they are possibly the next