Call of Duty's Main Military Adviser Speaks Out On Role

Hank Keirsey, the main military adviser behind Call of Duty, has spoken out on his experience with the franchise.

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kevco332788d ago

Yippie. Some guy who knows nothing about games advising game makers on how to make games. I'm fine for authenticity and all that, but when it impacts on the gameplay (as it has clearly done in the CoD series), gimme a laser rifle and some big scary aliens.

SeNiLe9112788d ago

I can't get into COD: Black Ops

mjolliffe2788d ago

Read the interview this morning. He said "it certainly amuses me to see these guys [Treyarch, Infinity Ward developers] throwing up" when making them complete some handstand push-ups.

Nice guy.

Man In Black2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Read this in the paper, gave me a good chuckle. Guy's got a sense of humour.

Full interview.

SpaceSquirrel2788d ago

He sounds like he had a great time

Simco8762788d ago

You can advise on guns and tactics. You can advise on the way single player is made.

But multiplayer will never reflect real life combat (In the COD series anyways)... ever.

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