Top 5 Non-Gaming Items that Gamers Need

"I’m a gamer (duh), but that doesn’t mean all I need is gaming. Even the most hardcore of gamers needs more than his 10th prestige sniper or his level 70 elf mage."- ChaingunPope

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SmokexFFx2761d ago

I hate the sterio type for gamers.

mrv3212761d ago

Facebook, not for the social aspect but for all the stupid, main stream gaming websites who use competitions on facebook to give away DAMN keys.

I don't have facebook, nor will I, just give me a damn key the good old way, make me visit your site, make me refresh 15 times and go into about:config to edit the setting to load the page... and then get sent the code with 10 junk emails.

thorstein2761d ago

I'll pass on the Ipod and buy something cheaper and better like a walkman.

SpearStrike2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

This is the only non-gaming item that i need. Nothing else in this world matters.