Funky Lab Rat: PlayStation Move-enabled Puzzle-Platformer on PSN Tomorrow

PlayStation blog's Posted by Francois Potentier Producer, Funky Lab Rat writes about the new psn move game Funky Lab Rat. "After a week over flooded with big announcements and sequels, time has come for one of the most exciting and original 2D platformers with physics inside: Funky Lab Rat!"

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Blaster_Master2729d ago

this game looks pretty sick.

TheLastGuardian2729d ago

I've been looking for something to use Move with and I love colorful platformers. How is Move implemented and does it use the navigation controller?

xtheownerzx2729d ago

it does use the move although im not sure if it uses the navigation controller but it might considering you can use the dualshock to play the game.

xtheownerzx2729d ago

yea it does, i cant wait until the psn store update tomorrow.

cliffbo2729d ago

there's a demo up for anyone interested in trying it out first.

BYE2729d ago

Love the art style, this could be a pretty awesome puzzle platformer.

2729d ago
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