Coming up For PlayStation Plus in December 2010

Here's what to expect from PlayStation Plus in December 2010, for both the EU and US PSN.

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thor2551d ago

"We pay $50 to get free"

Doh! Another victim. If you pay you don't get free. Remember that, it will help you in many things.

The point is that you are now locked into paying that much even if you weren't going to buy that many games. And you may still spend more in the PS Store. Most of the stuff that you get is not stuff you'd have bought anyway. Yes - value-wise it is a good deal, but so are 3-for-2 offers when you were previously only going to buy 1. You still end up spending more.

mmPete2551d ago

Well said Thor, a honest person who's vision isn't warped by consumerism/fanboyism.

mikeslemonade2550d ago

3 for 2 is actually a good deal because I usually end up using it all and save money in the long run.

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xstation792551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

More shitty games. Glad to see my $50 wasn't wasted. Who am I kidding. I wouldn't pay $50 for this

VenomProject2551d ago

You consider Dead Nation to be a "shitty game?"

DirtyLary2551d ago

Unless you are the rare gamer that plays every game from every genre, psn plus isn't worth it.

VenomProject2551d ago

I never said PS+ was worth it, I was just wondering whether or not xstation79 considered Dead Nation to be a "shitty game."

Nitrowolf22551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

idk 10 avatars which is nice
Dead Nation discount which is better

next month free LBP Move games, and also LBP beta
for me this was worth it, considering i been in every beta offered.

also this isn't NA or official, as i am sure we already got that Anniversay theme (if not then wtf didn't they just release it with the avatar)

WildArmed2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

While I know I got my money's worth, (I've saved over $50 bucks thanks to PS+ by discounts and free games that I enjoy) the upcoming content is quite a downer..
Cuboid? like these are worth nothing.. So it really doesn't add to the PS+ value's in my eyes
They are not even trying to put good games up monthly.
And I'm more curious when the next batch of DLC comes..
I loved Warhawk DLC.. now whats next :D

Shepherd 2142550d ago

But you have to continue paying for PSN Plus otherwise you lose some of the bonus stuff you get.

WildArmed2550d ago

I'm not much of a re-player.
I play a new game till I get drop dead bored of it.
Then never come back.
So PS+ is great.
It's not like I plan on playing a game I bought 3 years ago..
and if I do want to, I could always just get 3months trial period and re-download everything I"ve 'gathered' up till then.

Luckily, anything u buy from PS+ discount, u get to keep :D

Shepherd 2142550d ago

i guess thats a good way to get around the system.

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SuperStrokey11232551d ago

So NA gets a bunch of discounts... super...

That being said Shatter (free game this november) is insanely fun!

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Dark-Cloud2551d ago

i don't care about ps+ but im sure it's more then that....

ddurand12551d ago

if you had read the article....

"The North American major PlayStation Plus update usually happens later in the month, but here's what we know you'll be getting so far"

Silly gameAr2551d ago

Usually people that don't have plus make comments like you see here.

I think plus is great and 20% off Dead Nation is kick ass.

ddurand12551d ago

I dont have PS+ but reading is easy.

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