THQ teases "big game announcement" for VGAs

THQ's Danny Bilson posted a comment on his Twitter account teasing a "big game announcement" which will be unveiled at this year's Spike TV Video Game Awards.

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Cajun Chicken2792d ago

That or a Volition developed reboot of Destroy All Humans.

Convas2792d ago

I'm pretty sure it's Guillermo Del Toro's project that they've been hyping the past few weeks.

But I would love to see some Saints Row 3 as well!

Balt 2791d ago

Like what, WWE Smackdown vs Raw Vs ECW VS Legends VS WCO vs The women from the View?

No thanks. THQ blows badly. Although I did enjoy Saints Row more than any GTA game to date. It was just more fun to tool around with and had better physics.

Quagmire2791d ago

You close minded prick. THQ publishes Red Faction and Darksiders, 2 awesome games which BLOWS quite a few games outta the water. Go back to playing Black Ops, troll.

RememberThe3572791d ago

They also published De Blob, which was pretty cool. However, they do generally suck. I'd like to see what they have though, they're trying to make a turn around, plus they're apparently making some hardcore games for Move and Kinect and I'd like to see what those might be.

InvaderZim2791d ago

THQ rocks in my opinion! Anyway, I hope It's Red Faction related news. I wouldn't mind a de Blob sequel either. I loved the first on Wii.

jdktech20102791d ago

Wait, another reveal for the VGAs?

That's a ton of reveals right now and they pulled me in again to watch it or at the least DVR it if I'm out...good stuff incoming

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