PS3 Releases for December 2010: Where are all the games??

Here's a list of PlayStation 3 games releasing in December 2010, but there aren't many...

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HelghastDrake2729d ago

This is just the calm before the storm before next year starts. Jan 11th Mass Effect 2, Jan 18th LBP 2, Jan 25th Dead Space 2 then Feb 28th Killzone 3.

sinncross2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Of course there wouldn't be many new release in December.

As December is the height of the holiday season (with Christmas and all) a company is better getting strong sales in November with continued sales throughout December rather then just good sales in December.

Ppl are going to buy stuff during December, so November is a good time to release.

But as for PS3 exclusive... 3 in 3 months in 2011:
Yakuza 4 - MAR
+ other strong titles.

Philoctetes2729d ago

and Motorstorm: Apocalypse

InfectedDK2729d ago

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL so they found one month with no big games!!!!???????? IT CAN'T get any lower than this. Seriously. How much are you guys crying? LOL WTF.

pixelsword2729d ago

I think they just made space for GT5

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 is covering the whole month, no need of big games in December.

JD_Shadow2729d ago

Not really that big of releases for the 360, either (unless they got Gears 3 coming out now).

Actually, the biggest release in Dec. will be WoW: Cataclysm. My guess is that they don't want to compete with the new expansion.

Motorola2729d ago

can you stop with naming all the great exclusives. your making my head implode with the decisions and sacrifices i must make.. D:

ThanatosDMC2729d ago

Dont forget about tomorrow's Dead Nation. $14.99 for us non-plus subscribers.

gaffyh2729d ago

You guys forgot Mass Effect 2 for PS3 too, which I'm getting even though I already have it on 360. I think that is out in January too.

rjdofu2729d ago

Time to save up some money.

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visualb2729d ago

PS3 Releases for December 2010: Where are all the games??

good question...where are all the games in general?

+ I guess Sony expect GT5 to sell well for over 2 months could say GT5 is a xmas gift type game too.

Jaces2729d ago

I don't want any in December! I have enough to play already, sheesh!

XRider2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2 are multiplats. I'm waiting for Dead Space 2 everything else I can care less about. IMO Dead Space 2 is the best game releasing next year. Only the Wii has games for Dec, the 360 and PS3 are all about next year.

I know my comment will piss someone off but this is N4G after all, I can say the word "water" and lose a bubble.

nycredude2729d ago

Water? WTF psfff!


ThanatosDMC2729d ago

Let's debubble him for say "water"!

DOMination2729d ago

Wow, and PS3 fanboys say 360 has no games..

UP2729d ago

Name a 360 exclusive coming out from now till the end of the year.

8thnightvolley2729d ago

there has already been 3 exclusives since october i dout dec needs more... besides kinect will be there anyway with titles trooping out.

TheLastGuardian2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Who needs to buy games in December when so many came out in November. I just bought Black Ops, The Sly Collection, GOW: Ghost Of Sparta and Rock Band 3 with a keyboard. I have plenty to keep me occupied until January when LBP2 releases.

@DOMination will you shut up. The PS3 had a way better variety of exclusives all year. Neither the PS3 or 360 has anything coming out in December but at least the PS3 has around 25 Triple A exclusives coming out in 2011 unlike the 360.

DOMination2729d ago

This time last year you were saying Modnation Racers, MAG and GT5 were AAA and looked how that turned out. 90% of PS3 exclusives end up being huge disappointments and that will be the same next year.

Gears of War 3 is the only blockbuster exclusive next year such a shame that you'll be playing another average Eyepet or Socom game though.

Lionhead2729d ago

Gears of War 3 won't come out til Fall while PS3 gamers get to enjoy dozens of games until then :)

Of course coming from YOU

Nothing you say can be taken seriously lmao

blahblahblah22729d ago


What is a AAA title? You throw that around like it means something.

I'm still to this day enjoying MNR, MAG is excellent but with a low population last time I played. GT5 I haven't played but by screens and video, looks like a AAA title to me.

Stop throwing your opinions around like its fact, your wrong to do that.

mugoldeneagle032729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

GT5 took me completely off course from everything else I've been playing. New Vegas hurts the most, but I'll go back to it. NHL 11 & Black Ops got pushed to the side as well, so hopefully I can catch up, get some trophies, and beat these games before January when my wallet will once again become empty.

Unknow_Master2729d ago

back to the starting case i guess
well at least there is alot of exclusive like
kung fu live
Under Siege
Eat Them
Spare Parts

too much exclusive to play with
i cant wait

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MGRogue20172729d ago

Ah.. well that's PS3 done for this year..

visualb2729d ago

isn't every console done for this year?

I mean...what other huge releases left in 2010?

Anon19742729d ago

Yeah, who releases games in December? December always sees few new releases.

cliffbo2729d ago

funky lab rat (psn/move) game could be worth a purchase and lets not forget Dead Nation this week people!! it's not just Blu-ray games that are bigger and better on PS3

BrianC62342729d ago

Dead Nation is a must buy for sure. And only $11.99 with Playstation Plus. And Kung Fu Live should be good. It won't cost much either. The PS3 has plenty of great games. Anyone who complains there aren't many December games must have ignored October and November. Companies are getting smarter. Don't release everything at the same time.

Relientk772729d ago

They were released in previous months, Nov. Oct. etc

idc I got what I want

Black Ops


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

I'm good :)

8thnightvolley2729d ago

ya got brotherhood, blackops, gears2, enslaved, and kinect so i am sorted till next year

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