Overly Defensive Gamers Are Hurting The Industry's Credibility

Alex R. Cronk-Young writes: Movie buffs and music snobs don't need to convince you to like something. In fact, they're probably more likely to scoff if you don't and walk away of the mind that you'll never really get it. So what makes us video-game enthusiasts feel the need to defend the honor of things we enjoy, and is it poisoning the hobby's credibility?

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BubbleSystemSuck2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Overly Defensive=Fanboys
add IGNorant Reviews

Billy_Dee_Williams2611d ago

You seem like one of those overly defensive people already...

Acquiescence2611d ago

Seriously, they get buttsore so easily. SO DON'T YOU DARE SULLY THE GOOD NAME OF HALO!!!

acronkyoung2610d ago

That picture makes me giggle, mostly because I imagine the...yak?, is an internet troll.