5 Potential Locations For Assassin's Creed III

"Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is somewhat of a strange beast. Though the title managed a mightily impressive 9.0 on this very site, you could suggest the title succeeds in spite of its feature list, rather than because of it. Through partially woolly combat, occasionally unruly parkour controls and a story so fantastical the a proverbial room full and monkeys and typewriters could produce it on first draft, it nevertheless leaves gamers wondering where the time has flown to."

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Merivigian2790d ago

I'd love to see victorian london, jack the ripper and all of those Holmes inspired mysteries.. count me in! :D

Quagmire2790d ago

Would be interesting. However, Pirate Assassin anyone?

Ascalon942788d ago

It needs to be on a new continent or area. Land of the rising sun possible, maybe latin america or the revolution of america.